Let’s try something simple here. After rebooting the computer, plug in the PCMK card and see what you get. Posted 20 Apr This was about four months ago. It must be conflicting with something else on my computer just not sure what would inhibit it. Where did this bizarre thing come from?!?! B will not start.

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Select “show hidden devices”. In many cases, older electronics i.

Contact Dell and go through the necessary steps for replacement, it is the only way to have a functioning slot again. Posted 19 Apr Try some other manufacturer’s pcmcia card in the slot and see if the slot works at all.

All this is still kinda new to me, would the ser A card suite me for communicating with a slc ;cmk maybe a plc 5. I’ve had mixed results in NT 4. SNK, while normally I might agree with what ou said, the symptoms seem to indicate otherwise. Sign in Already have an account? Fortunate enough to have a corporate IBM lease agreement and a spare laptop. This web site is great! You should probably use the series B just make sure you get series B cables.


Also what is the difference between the A and B card? So I get an angry call from a customer one day. The difference between the A and the Sereis card is the A card will only support data highway at Does not sound good.

I will try memory card again with it in restartthe computer as one last thing to confirm. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Found someone with a pcmk memory card, plugged it in Installed the card in another laptop and a couple weeks later it quit as well.

Oh, wait a minute. Windows needs a system level driver to know how to handle the card. The problem is that it does not at the moment. If it were me, I would look for a series A with cables on eBay. He said he was coming down to the office and demanded to see me and my boss. Can you tell I’m a bit partial to Panasonic Toughbooks?


Rockwell / Allen-Bradley PCMK/A / PCMK/B – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

I believe i have a fried pcmcia slot. Let’s try something simple here.

It is not enough to just pcm, the drivers manually onto the PC. However the pcmk card will not start, as if there is nothing in the pcmcia slot at all, and the card gets recognized immediatly on another lap top.

Register a new account. First, I hope your problem is not the one described below. Uninstalling Linx will not cure the problem.

I’ve got kind of a funny story about PCMKs. We seem to no longer have boxes labelled “Series A” anymore and now have “Series B”. Several people state that their PCMK card fried their sfries, so I beleieve that it can happen.

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