Find More Posts by gin I will play with it some more and see if I can get something to work. Find More Posts by Hopalong X. Anyone who believes it to be anything else on an equal footing or in any way superior to an L are just deluding themselves when you peel back the layers. Rtl utility now looks quite different and with new features that previously i did not have. I suspect you won’t like L get past 17dbm on b eeprom hard limits , but I guess you will just have to see if it “unlocks” since I can’t test an b.

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I bought this adapter as a way to stay connected to family back home during this deployment but I am having some issues getting it to work. Rtl utility now looks quite different and with new features that previously i did not have. Brother D I’m a little confused, why would you need to purchase this adaptor if you have a new HP laptop which should have it’s own wireless adaptor built in?

OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. You must log in or sign up to post here. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Thanks for your help guys!!! Write Changes when ready.

Solved: ALFA AWUSH USB network adapter problems – HP Support Community –

But here it says that my is stronger than yours L VS B dual antenna Xiaopan Forums I own it for three years and it works flawlessly. It’s like the adapter just isn’t there even though it is.


You’ll have to have a play around with it and see if it all behaves the same as RTLL. I edited my eeprom defaults fixed to 17dbm anyway so I don’t even have awus036b mess around setting by CCX every reboot.

Which adapter to choose depends on what your needs are.

If the level of inductance increases, so has your edited power output which has now new defined higher limits accordingly. I am having the same issue with both drivers. Is there some sort of incompatibility with this presario and the chipset?

Similar help and support threads. Drivers Linksys and alfa awush with windows 7 64 bit i have a usb alfa awush when i install the driver from contrrol.

Kind of nice for a place like I am in right now. The NHR is a horrible adapter that is only really useful in Windows, and even then is seriously bad compared to the others at even detecting networks.

Whatever rocks your boat, and keeps you happy. The device gets recognized and even shows up in my Device Manager.

Report bk a,fa they work well or not I have latest reltek driver for rtl b downloaded from realtek site, from here Realtek at the bottom of the page. Right-click on any and select properties and then select the power tab.

How to set tx power UP (increase tx power) in Windows 7

I just de-cloaked everything while I was in there making them for ocntrol, same as L that’s all, nothing to worry over. Test differences before and after editing using inductance feedback test on nearby sound speakers next to omni antenna under heavy network load like a speedtest. Message 3 of That is until you start trying to hit things at range and broaden your horizons pushing the edge of powr possible, where the b with it’s likely inferior razor thin profit oower PA will just quickly fade away, and won’t be able to keep up with the same sensitivity or capacity, compared to an L adjoined with a quality PA for the longer haul.


Just do the same as you did in XP.

Soldier requests some help with Alfa AWUSH wireless adapter – Windows 7 Help Forums

I saw a review on this device and they were poeer the same issue as you seem to be. In an environment where the b would detect around 9 AP’s, the L will detect comparably 16 netwodk. It probably doesn’t need one or doesn’t matter, but it’s better than risking blowing motherboard USB polyfuses if I’m wrong.

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