Hughes May 25, The Apollo just set a new standard of excellence for audio interfaces, in terms of both its sound and its feature set. Best thing I could ever do. The pre-amps are ultra clean and make everything sparkle and that combined with the UAD plugin DSP processing and the console gives super control of the sessions. Minus the tech fees, down time, and electricity bill!

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UA Audio Interfaces

Plugins are great too. The Apollo is all of these things and more.

Apart from that it was everything UA says it is. And I’m glad I waited!! Everyday I get a popup from Console that tells me that plugins have been disabled.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Where I go, they go. Motu are making solid products.

I Love it from the moment i heard it. I bought this unit nearly two years ago, and the hardware recently began randomly clicking very loudly the same clicking when you power the unit up.


Apollo Twin MkII

uda Impart aplolo tracks with the iconic warmth and character of the classic hardware used uaf track everyone from Duke Ellington to Coldplay. Andersen August 8, Krajewski December 10, Hughes May 25, The mic pres are excellent. Always remedied by a quick restart, but is not ideal in the middle of a session!

Need to say no more and now i can sell hardware i no longer use and buy plugins for that money instead. Minus the tech fees, down time, and electricity bill! The hype, the press, the hundreds of favourable reviews on literally every single website The sound is surely as good as it gets, the software is superbly designed, and my mixing console loves it. UAD plugins are top notch and creating music have been so much easier now and faster.

Some instability of the audio hardware to drop once and a while when a session is loading. UA is absolutely the best of the best. Open, clear and I can hear where everything is placed in the sound field. Best audio card ever tried so far.


If you do so: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Mostly used for recording drums with an Audient ASP I was told that I could send the product in, but would need to pay for shipping there and back and pay for all repairs.

Some firewire issues when running plug ins at times. Kurtz June 6, Seule ombre, les plugin non.

Apollo X | Thunderbolt Studio Interface | Universal Audio

I’m sure when I move to a Thunderbolt hard drive, or perhaps the card for the Apollo, this issue will evaporate. Compact, simple, with super quality preamps and plugins. I used an Apogee Duet 2 as my go-to in the past, and this just made it seem like a toy.

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