Sorry about that, thought that you knew how to get into simulations. This manual uses a link function that allows you to jump to a related page. The “Printer Ports” dialog box will appear. Click on a topic in the Index to jump directly to that section. When the machine is connected to your computer using Caution the USB 2. Click these buttons to move quickly to pages that you wish to view. To use the feature, select the image orientation in “Image Orientation” on the “Paper” tab, and then select the “Rotate degrees” checkbox.

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Details vBulletin Mods by vBSocial.

B P Basic Printing The man is a maintenance required and can be cleared with sim The problem i am now having is to enter into simulation because the time i enter 20 and press start the machine starts copying there by not entering into simulation. When the indicator is: When printing, be at to specify a tray other than “Auto Select” in “Paper Source” in the “Paper” tab of the printer driver setup screen.

Print sample You can enter text to create your own custom watermark.

Some restrictions exist on the combinations of settings that can be selected in the printer driver setup screen. The time now is Note that if the “Auto tray switching” setting in the sarp programs is enabled on a model that has two or more paper trays and there is the same size of paper in another tray, the machine will automatically switch to the other tray and continue printing.


How to Control the Online Manual Following Links In this manual, xharp following buttons are displayed at the bottom of each page.

In Windowsclick “Printers”. Click on a tab to your settings and exit the bring it to the front. The size of the printed image will be automatically adjusted to match the paper loaded in dharp machine.

When the machine is connected to your computer using Caution the USB 2. Get the Android App. You can click on a bookmark to jump directly to that section.

ดาวน์โหลดไดเวอร์เครื่องถ่ายเอกสาร ยี่ห้อ SHARP | บริษัท ซัม เทคโนโลยี (ไทยแลนด์) จำกัด

The following example shows correct and incorrect rotation of an address printed on an envelope. The explanation below assumes that you intend to print an A3 or Ledger size document on A4 or Letter size paper.

Using Bookmarks Bookmarks have been created on the left side of this manual. Establish the settings for sharing, and click the “OK” button.

Sharp ARE User Manual – Page 1 of 19 |

Note For information on a setting, click the button at the top-right of the dialog box and then click the setting to display Help. Then, open the printer folder and continue the setup procedures from Step 6. The star sign is for sr and can be cleared with sim Windows does not have the “Preferences” button in this dialog box. This feature is used to enable correct printing on envelopes and other paper with flaps that can only be loaded in one orientation.


Sharp AR-5316E User Manual

Follow the steps shown below to use this function. To print a watermark, open the printer driver, click the “Watermarks” tab, and follow the steps below. This manual uses a link function that allows you to jump to a related page.

When printing begins, the Shrap Status Window automatically opens. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. With other versions of Windows, some screen images may be different from those in this manual. The Print Status Window is a utility that monitors the machine and shows the name of the document being printed and any error messages that occur.

Maybe let me be more precise,There are three indicators that is man sign,toner sign and star sign. Click the icon to view an explanation of the restriction.

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