Hey there, rokytnji Well it turns out after surfing the Ultimate Forums that you cannot put a different desktop on their Distro as it will break it. So when I first got 4. In Windows 7, this warning message will appear if the floppy power connector is not connected to the Xonar DX. Many features are included, so this card is capable of more than stereo audio. If you need to reset your password, click here. Here are my results with Linux Mint Asus Xonar DX Just bought this card a few days ago.

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Join Date May Beans Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. A blog about Linux, programming, and other ideas. These are reportedly true high-resolution recordings, not upsampled files.

Anyone have any luck gettin one running in Ubuntu? This is worthwhile upgrade over motherboard audio and a superb addition to a Linux system. The entire goal was to produce better audio for an inexpensive system that utilized the ALC sound system, and the Xonar DSX filled that goal well. In Linux Mint We can see this in action with a few commands. Recall the opening Beep, beep, beep?



The headphones are muted “MM” and audio can be hard through the rear speakers. Right now it’s sooooo slow on that thumb drive but if I put it on the SSD then it’s gonna fly. The most obvious and most important feature for me was the cleaner audio signal. It makes management easier by not having to wade through different sound card details. Pinux I did some research and found out that the kernel was 3.

Comments 0 Leave a comment. To establish a baseline, I tested the motherboard ALC audio first. Join Date Sep Posts Join Date Mar Beans A mini-optical plug is included. Music from a xonsr YouTube, for example will also work.

Will ASUS Xonar DGX work on linux? : linuxquestions

Thanks for all your help. The Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolator works wonders for eliminating noise and producing a clean signal. This is not the place for low effort joke answers.

Of course, I’d be glad to hear otherwise, with a guide to succeeding! The ALC comes close, but its results are curved, meaning more noise appears at certain asue.


I pressed the letter “m” once and the “MM” turned into “00” and I had audio out to the headphones! Categories books 5 Lessons 24 linux other 9 Programming 25 Trivia I cannot tell much of a difference among them since the quality is good no matter which is chosen. Still present, but less audible than the ALC Just plug and play with Linux! It is not even a contest.

Asus Xonar DSX and Linux | Delightly Linux

Forced to use onboard sound which sucks hardcore. Asus Xonar DX Have tried loads of different ways to deal with this card. It includes a half-height bracket for smaller cases.

The sound heard will only be as good as the source. Install if you already have not pavucontrol See what it says you plug into the front.

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