Due to the regular responsiveness of Alexei Nikolaychuk, the author of RivaTuner, the next nonpublic beta-version of this utility already supports RV Is it worth the download expenses? This new revision to PS2. Proceeding with the CCC examination, a summary tabbed page with all major settings looks interesting: Manufacturers of these cards will presumably experiment with their own coolers, because equipping the cards with the native ATI solution is utterly unwise. We express our thanks to ATI for the video cards provided to our lab. It’s a very unusual cooler.

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The solution to retain all 6 vertex units is no less interesting.

ATI RV GPU Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

So, more de-featured versions of Platinum Edition based on the bit bus will most likely come. To all appearances, vertex and pixel processors in RV remained the same, but the internal caches could have been reduced, at least atk to the number of pipelines. A compatible HDCP display is also needed for this. First of all, it is an irritatingly slow interface. Let’s compare the core dimensions in RV and R It’s obvious already that the RV architecture is a direct heir to R its chip capacity was halved.

In this case the card is promised not to use any filtering optimizations and a simplified optimization algorithm for applications. The time will show whether it was justified. Before examining the card itself, we’ll publish a list of articles devoted to the analysis of the previous products: The qualitative components will be examined later in the second part 3D quality and video playback.


Though the temperatures were not rising so intensively and reached only a mark below 60 degrees, the cooler behaved “nervously”, as you can see on the bottom graph above, which displays the cooler operation percentagewise from its maximum possible rpm. There are three grades: Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Due to the regular responsiveness of Alexei Nikolaychuk, the author of RivaTuner, the next nonpublic beta-version of this utility already supports RV But why rv140 we lay stress on this program in this article?

The “speed” they demonstrate is a shame.

Com forum, November 11, And still, one can assume that some part of its caches or other technological elements was cut down. Performance tests will prove that. Video 3Digests Video cards: The cooler is very noisy! The “R”-based X line was available in 3 forms: Which is no disadvantage in itself.

ATI Radeon X700 LE

Driver support of this core was discontinued as of Catalyst 9. ATI showcased many of their chip’s new features in the promotional real-time demo called, Ruby: The cooler removed, you can see the chip.


All techniques for sparing memory bandwidth – Z buffer and frame buffer compression, Early Z with an on-chip Hierarchical Z, etc.

What distinguishes it from other coolers? Well, first wti all, ATI has atti used closed heatsinks with forced air flow in such video cards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Note, ATI’s “Temporal AA” was actually a temporal dithering filter for spatial AA, not de facto temporal anti-aliasing which must involve a controlled blending of the temporal subsamples from consecutive screens.

Its impact on performance is another story, the potential restriction of excellent chip features because of the considerably reduced memory passband is obvious 8 pipelines, MHz core frequency. Though the number of transistors in the chip is not reduced.

Thus we can predict that the weak point in the X series, as in case of the series, will be high resolutions and full-screen antialiasing modes, especially in tai applications.

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