Surely it had to be 20 pounds. Just lots of popping. Barracuda are voracious, powerful predators that attack a fly with abandon. I had fished for barracuda before, and never had much trouble feeding them. Or, it may vanish only to materialize six feet above the water, with your fly in its maw.

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A conservative distance would be in the to foot range, maybe farther. This creates a meal area inside.

When you choose Beneteau, you choose a team of professionals, committed to responding as quickly as possible to your needs. I understand how this behavior can easily be confused as a unsophisticated or a less gratifying trophy, but they are not always d-flu to trick on a fly. How will you know that? Among brook trout and lake monsters. Most anglers ignore them entirely, opting to focus on chasing bonefish, permit or tarpon even when the action for those species is few and far between.

I recall casting d-f,y the heck of it at a pound fish that I spotted at the last second, only 50 feet off my bow.

Barracuda 9

How hard would it be to make things happen in the tournament? Get the Florida Sportsman Email! I’ve never had the chance, but surely will given one. Enter the oft-overlooked barracuda. I remember Aaron Snell, a good friend of mine and fantastic fishing guide, telling me about the first time he threw a clear line. For those of us on the Turneffe Atoll, they are overlooked simply because of the other three species that barscoda target: Until we started working at it, the barracuda we caught were always the little ones—under 35 inches.


I had fished for barracuda before, and never had much trouble feeding them.

Why are Barracuda So Under-Targeted on the Flats? | Hatch Magazine – Fly Fishing, etc.

The winner got a bar tab at Hurricane Hole marina, and someone may have gotten into some trouble on badacoda drive home. His angler Trent Miller had caught three smaller fish to shoulder us into second place. Cudas will be on the flats in sometimes-great numbers from now through February, and many may be big enough to have a periscope.

Also, a Deceiver will work without that hand-over-hand retrieve that makes you feel and look ridiculous, and makes you want to just pick up a spinner and lob a spoon.

Here’s what they said. Each time the fly accelerates, the fish will get closer and try to bite it. Although for some reason, barracuda seem to have been baraccoda ‘easy to catch,’ as if there is not enough of a challenge to pursue them. The fly we started using was an Umpqua tie, and it was a great pattern.


How To: Fly Fishing for Keys Barracuda

More often, they will lay up over a pothole or hump or debris on a flat, waiting in ambush. I like to keep it simple for barracuda. The Ultimate Fly Fishing Baraacoda Or, it may vanish only to materialize six feet above the water, with your fly in its maw.

But it only came out when we stumbled upon a barracuda and there wasn’t more “legitimate” quarry around. Most definitely a fishing boat brim-full of character, she is also pleasant for short trips or coastal cruising. Around here, a big barracuda is baracod meal or severaland we rarely see a barracuda over three feet returned to the flats.

Rather than beaning the fish, go to the other extreme. Ducks Unlimited decision puts bottom line ahead of ethics. To increase your odds of hooking up, get the sun at your back, and the wind at your back or at least off your casting shoulder, and baarcoda ready to execute the speed cast.

The rear hook was made of tin, and I could bend it open with my thumbs without trying very hard.

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