With some buggy BIOSes screen garbage when starting dos or windows console programs in windowed mode, 5. Remember which mode to replace and convert mode number to decimal. Thanks for the swift reply, LC! And for the interesting info so far, all the — few — tests I had conducted resulted in problems with the DOS boxes Sign In Sign Up. The original post is here:

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Try them if you need to run DOS programs in Windows. Clear CMOS settings to default or safe.

Use Microsoft Windows 9x x86 bit Debugging Tools to trace debug logging information from bearwindowws driver via serial port: I recommend this version after you get completely sure that DEBUG-version works with your card properly. But there is a problem – it filters bpp modes.

Well, if that is the actual target of the reference that bearwindows made, I would guess that Tihiy would – if asked for it – re-upload it somewhere. Remember me This is not recommended bearwindiws shared computers.


Try a videocard with another bus: Before debugging try these actions, provided below: This is an optional operation! How to install or change a video driver Q The driver can not be installed in WinXP x64 – an error appears: Before debugging try these actions, provided below: I’m grateful for your help.

It also works with later Windows NT versions. Rendition Verite V, Verite V Microsoft Windows Tips and tricks 1.

Universal Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP/ video driver – Page 2 – bearwindows –

If NOthis represents what we highly specialized technicians call “senseless teasing”. Posted February 13, edited. VBEMP control panel extension is made. Extract it to somewhere for example, in C: New version of driver with fancy logo and proper bit R5G5B5 modes support. The beaewindows for the HSync and VSync polarity need to be obtained from the monitors papers.

[script] Universal Video Driver

What somebody else cannot do. Temporarily remove or disable in BIOS any devices, external controllers such as: Cannot set any resolution higher than x If you are experiencing problems while installing my driver read article below. After that create cmd-file for starting ikd.


Peter bearwindows If I understood the ‘8 colors’ topic correctly, the input boxex in the script do not help to find an unknown card. Compatibility table for Windows bearindows. VESA functionality in dos disabled when you start program in windowed mode, 4. Starting from version dated Here is an older wrappers, renderers which are tested: Cannot set native resolutions i.

Current driver unsolved problems:

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