Well, what can we say here … Certainly, the difference is visible. We did not test any mouse from BenQ before, so BenQ M will be a first one, sadly, that it is a wireless one, because such variant as usual possesses a number of lacks. Did you ever had a chance to face with package minimalism? The soft of keys is provided with rubber membranes. Keyboard BenQ AM – wireless freedom as a benefit!

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We can say – nothing, except of a keyboard, a mouse, a cradle, AA alkaline batteries and a CD with software. Wireless mouse is isextremely comfortable and allows to improve your work, but we do not recommend you to use it for playing or doing any design. Also due to this wireless mouse cannot provide smooth work venq the cursor and have feature to be late behind movement of a hand.

So a question bens come – to buy or not? So, you get no need to change the way you work! We did not test any bena from BenQ before, so BenQ M will be a first one, sadly, that it is a wireless one, because such variant as usual possesses a number of lacks.

Thankfully the dpi resolution makes the mouse highly responsive and good forusual office; optical mouse works without any problem.

In the right part of the keyboard there are keys for management of a bbenq. No excesses and everything is very cool — by the way, all products from BenQ are always very stylish.

Keyboard BenQ AM 805 – wireless freedom as a benefit!

Although, after organizing of your own “workplace” for yourself, understands that to use AM is rather suitable. Both devices have decent battery lives and they communicate with the computer wm805 a receiver. Keyboard BenQ AM – wireless freedom as a benefit! Did you ever had a chance to face with package minimalism?



But, what else can we bneq in this flat package? It was interesting to test the wireless set, because an opportunity to check up parameters appeared which making it easier to turn up the volume and point and click without moving from your couch.

Their set is standard and completely repeats virtual keys as in Windows Media Player are. With receiver everything is simple — one button and two cords. As we wrote above, testing was spent at complete replacement of a keyboard and a mouse about three weeksthus, we have got a clear look to position and rush of BenQ AM in SOHO market.

Adjustable sensitivity and cliques are soft. We do not joke by saying that – there are no leaflets in a box as Logitech used and diskettes with software, comfort guidelines and user guide — something as Genius like to put into package. But as well as any large company, BenQ aspires to get the main advantage-grounds in the market and for these purpuse it is necessary to promote an original devices in a special moment.

We spoke about that fact so many times and can repeat it once more – the radio channel cannot provide good capacity, so processor of the mouse cannot always provide and preserve a constant connection with a receiver. The Most interesting is a volume control – use of a rheostat, a better solution and a real comfort.

Driver BenQ AM805

So, mouse M has a usual design, in other words – without excesses. Here is our review about this product from BenQ. This receiver occupies and derives power from the PS2 ports on the motherboard meant for keyboard and mouse. Of course, depends on you, from our side we recommend to look close, attentively to this device, because on your table there should be a place for beautiful things, and such set is beautiful indeed! Finally, we can say that BenQ did not bena us – the device takes a worthy place among the keyboards with medium price for office needs.


Benq wireless keyboard driver – Google Docs

Opportunity to operate on two channels means that two devices can be used with one receiver. Are you ready for surprises?

Keyboard BenQ AM BenQ’s X-Structure technology aims to make the keys click softer and easier and as less noisy as possible.

To work with text using AM is good, especially recommended for advance users who are used to typing fast, though required some time for adaptation. Such “replacement” shows all possible lacks in ergonomics of the keyboard and the mouse. BenQ is one of the world’s top producers of digital displays, mobile phones, scanners and keyboards, and we are a technology leader in digital projectors, storage devices, wireless technologies and electronic components.

So the same happens with X-Touch and with AM also.

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