Do not fan transparen- cies. Replacing the Transfer Roller Open the top cover. Do not open the printer during printing. Page Aligning the small tabs on the feed roller with the slots of the shaft, push the feed roller com- pletely in so that the tab fits into the slot. This document contains information on the capabilities that are supported on the printer hardware.

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Touching anything other than the indicated levers may result It also indicates whether each printer model is likely to work when printing from the IBM Power Systems.

Page Open the cover of the fuser unit and remove any misfed media. Help Screens The help screens appear when the key is pressed after an error occurred, such as a media misfeed, so that the error can be corrected.

Fan the media, and align its edges.

Konica Minolta bizhub 40p User Manual

Exterior Control Panel Ventilation Grill Konica Konica with optional IP print controller. If a used toner car- tridge is installed, the indicator message will not clear and the supplies status in the Status Monitor will not be updated. If toner spills, immediately Lower Feeder Unit You can install up to two optional lower feeder units Trays 3 and 4.

Control Panel Keys and Port Item The printer is on a hard, flat, level surface.


Keep media on a flat, level surface in its original wrapper until it pl time to load it. Do not open the printer during printing.

None of the above, continue with my search. Click on the arrow in front of any section to read the explanation. Abnormal The toner cartridge areas white, may be defective or black damaged.

An attempt is made to have an entry for each ASCII printer from a particular manufacturer, whether they are currently marketed by that manufacturer or not.

Page Pull out the trays. When the optional offset tray is installed, job separation and offset printing can be performed. Also See for bizhub 40p Service manual – 19 pages Reference manual – pages System administrator manual – 52 pages.

Replacing the Backup Battery When the backup battery is at its end of Insert the right and left tabs at the bizhun of the duplex into the Handle the toner cartridge carefully to avoid spilling toner inside the printer or on yourself. We will do what we can to help determine how best to print to your printer from your Bihub i. Loading Banner paper in the Tray 1 1 Open the tray and place it on a flat surface. Insert the right and left tabs of the offset tray into the holes at the top of the printer and slowly put the offset tray down to the top of the printer.


The setting specified in the printer driver will override this menu setting. Error Messages Operator Call: If NO is selected, IPv6 is dis- abled Cleaning the Feed Roller inside the Printer Open the top cover.

Page Align the front and back corners of the top and bottom feeder units, and slowly lower the top unit so that the guide pins at the 4 corners of the bottom unit fit into the holes of the base plate of the top unit. Duplexing Select paper with high opacity for duplex double-sided printing. This chapter provides information about the following accessories.

Konica Minolta bizhub 40P User Manual | pages | Also for: bizhub 40PX

Printer Parts The following drawings illustrate the parts of your printer referred to through- out this guide, so please take some time to become familiar with them. Thin Paper Test all thin paper to ensure acceptable performance. Plug another electrical appliance into the outlet and see whether it operates properly.

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