This command automatically verifies if the link is active, and if so displays “Link is up”. Using Keywords for the B Active adapters are listed. The following options are supported under Linux. When the system is booted up without any adapter, the bus will operate at the lowest mode which is PCI.

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To verify that the driver is loaded properly, type. Keep the adapter in its packaging until ready for installation. The HP switch will show an lacp channel being brought up successfully with only 2 members.

Requires a setting of either Half or Full. Requires the decimal number 10, or The driver loads during system configuration, and the Broadcom banner, the adapter name, the MAC address, the IRQ number, the detected line speed, and the bus number BusNum and device number DevNum of the adapter are displayed.

Problems using Ghost with a Broadcom Gigabit NIC

As a workaround, the user should always click “OK” in “Network Properties” window after making changes. To verify that the Ethernet interface is up and running, run ‘ifconfig’ to check the status of the Ethernet interface. To program monolithic image to the adapter, perform the following: If gigabif driver fails to load, an initialization fail message is displayed.


Specifies the network address used by the network adapter. When this keyword is used, the LineSpeed keyword must also be used.

ODI Driver Software: Broadcom NetXtreme® 57XX User Guide

The following options are supported under Windows The unit is in dB. ACT Blinking Brief bursts of data detected on the port. Inform your network supplier of any missing or damaged items. The following table lists known Broadcom Boot Agent problems and solutions: When user has finished all the configuration, it is required to reboot.

Refer to ” Broadcom Advanced Control Suite ” for additional information. A reboot is required and only 63 tagged VLANs show links, while a 64th is disabled. Insert the floppy disk containing the Broadcom ODI bit driver files into the floppy disk drive.

If the driver fails to load, an initialization fail message is displayed. This chapter provides the following information: The LineSpeed keyword requires a decimal number and of either 10,or Cannot enable VLAN after it is disabled.

Open a command prompt window and change the directory to C: The following table lists known BASP problems and solutions that apply to all operating systems: For proper operation make sure that the STP spanning tree protocol is etherrnet or portfast mode for Cisco is enabled on etherneet port to which the PXE client is connected.


Boot up into DOS. Users can choose not to reboot and continue configuring intermediate driver without having any side effect.

Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet Software for DOS – ThinkPad R500, R61, R61e, R61i

This command automatically verifies if the link is active, and if so displays “Link is up”. Do not change the default settings for items 1 through 4. Before the port LEDs can provide troubleshooting information, the adapter must be connected to the network see ” Installing the Hardware “and the network drivers for your particular operating system must be installed. This is a BC image that consists of BC code only split implementation.

Broadcom MBA implementation has been tested successfully in the following environments:

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