Also really nice people to deal with. I’m sure you or your buddies have some used up tumbler media. Jan 3, Messages: Resources Latest reviews Search resources. I just want to see how accurate the gun can be by trying to reload to the barrels potential capability. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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Suede does cost a bit more than the rubberized tops. Bullz is online Users browsing this forum: I’ll look at vermiculite at the local garden store and will also check out styrofoam beads if I can find them possibly at the pet store or at Michaels of Oregon crafts store.

Forums New posts Search forums. Filled mine with rice. I have a couple of Bull’s Bags, the bigger one can conform to a lot of situations, from standard rest to using it draped over the window of a stand.

The one critical item that DakotaMan brought up is just make sure that your bbulls barrel doesn’t touch anything else, even the rifle stock.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Bench shooters use a front rest that holds the rifle from tipping to the side and allows it to slide back with recoil. It might be the Bulls Bag. TDec 28, I shoot that way from the bench at the urban range. We apologize for the inconvenience. Pros and cons would be appreciated.


I don’t care what the load book says, I don’t care what Quickload says, I don’t care what the chrono says. The top cradle grips the rifle when you pull out one of the bottom feetbut it doesn’t have any medal in it that I know of. In the past I’ve bought a caldwell adjustable rest. It would have been enough to fill the shooting rest bag, but the Uncle Bud’s bag’s input spout’s inside diameter where it is sewn into the bag is so small about the size of the diameter of a pencil that about the only thing that won’t hang up is again sand or rice.

Which purposely tipped inwards to surround the rifle profile creating a pincer type of behavior.

Help! Need advice on type of filler for my shooting rest bag | Shooters’ Forum

Also would walnut media be a better filler than cat litter? Marshall invited anyone who has questions about bag design and bags in general to give him a call IIRC, styrofoam seems to cling to other surfaces due to static electricity; I don’t know about vermiculite.

Initially I shot that bullet for a 4″ group. May 27, Messages: It will perform just like the suede versions in performance, so accuracy and repeatability are not sacrificed in any rack our models to choose from. It became a very stationary base to shot off of.


Modern Muzzleloader

Midway makes a good one under its Caldwell brand. The rest of the bag is well-made.

I haven’t checked out the Caldwell bags yet, but I hope that they have put more thought into the construction of their bags than Uncle Bud did. My bag is about 15 years old, and maybe Uncle Bud’s has improved their product.


Caldwell tack driver bag I have a caldwell bag and a bulls bagbut my pack is more flexible. They also use a polyfiber filling material that can be purchased at Walmart.

Caldwell tack driver bag

But once the rifle settled into it. In combination, they make even the biggest boomers Widen it out a little and rifle will sorta fit inside.

Yeah, that’s not going in the fill hole either. I called Caldwell on the phone today.

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