Samsung Galaxy A7 review. Modded camera driver for SE C by paparazy 1. Check ur cam drive sample pics Works great, love the camera altough i do miss the zenon flash, nice sound quality when listening to music, battery time longer then expected and a clean and stylish designe. There’s also geo-tagging of pictures, though since it doesn’t have an onboard GPS it does this by sending location data from network cellsites over the air.

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I asked for the Ki but the seller told us that they kind of discontinued making such. If you want to upgrade them though, there’s an adaptor which will take a 3. If you’re a touch screen-ophobe however you can also use one of the besst soft keys to bring up an options menu and make your selections that way.

Sony Ericsson C | TechRadar

This is perhaps one of the best valued phones made by Sony Ericsson after Ericsson stopped went for a joint venture with sony 8 years ago Ca, you, Ericsson is still making the pure communication hardware. This phone is raddd x] sound quality is better than that of the Ki’s. It’s not bad exactly, but for a premium cameraphone, we had expected the best, and it’s not immediately clear why Sony Ericsson appears to have abandoned it; maybe it’s the thinline size factor.

It’s got a great camera too though it’s a shame its abilities are reduced by an inferior flash and a smaller screen than we’d have expected. Be a good overall performer with some tricks up its sleeve.

Video is of lesser quality QVGA than the still camera but it’s still pretty good, with cwm blur noticeably less than most other cameraphones we’ve tried. The screen is quite small for a 5-mp camphone. With this change the flash reaches 3 meters! It’s got the usual multishot abilities of course, including the rather marvellous BestPic option, which allows you to take four pictures after and four pictures before you press the shutter.


Okay, so it’s on the slim side, with some stylish stripes, but there are no immediately obvious gimmicks or design besh. With a little faith and practise though, the angle actually does make it easier to press the keys with your thumbprint, cma is probably a more natural way of doing it, when you think about it.

When you add new camera drivers to your phone does it override the original or do you have to delete the original?? As per the extra features, it has a very decent camera, a very understated UI, a excellent I do mean excellent media player.

Or you can use the stereo Bluetooth variety. Fitted with two microphones, hest on either side of the camera, the C Pro Webcam is able to capture more realistic sound from every angle, so that your voice comes through sounding natural and clear.

Still, it’s a highly attractive slimline package that feels very comfortable to use.

Pictures taken are corrupted and cannot be shared. Google Maps is also bundled so you can see where your pics have been taken on a map. Posted by paparazy Fixed shutter mode flash light sony c! The music player may not be quite as advanced as those on Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series, but it’s well thought out and really not missing anything essential.

Sony Ericsson C – User opinions and reviews – page 26

These include the shoot mode including panorama and frames as well as BestPicflash, face detection, timer, macro and infinite focus, plus white balance and scene selection.


I have a c with mod pack 6 flashed onto it using a2uploader, does this mod pack have the new camera drivers on, if bes whats the best drivers to put into my phone. So who’s the best!!!!! Put it a 2gb M2 card, upgraded to the latest firmware and it works like shine, so far for I have read lots of different reviews and taht is not the case for many.

C920 HD Pro Webcam

No results found No results found: I love this phone. Huawei Mate 20 review.

But the keys on the keypad aren’t flat but are actually angled downwards slightly which feels a bit weird, especially if you’re bst to pressing on small keys with the tip of your thumbnail. Mobile camera is not for taking breathless pictures. Basic music player The music player may not be quite as advanced as those on Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series, but it’s well thought out and really not missing anything essential.

Modded camera driver for SE C902 by paparazy (1.2p version fix bugs)

Is this the latest Cam Driver version? Can someone help me how to upgrade the firmware of this phone?

A lovely little slice of ice blue lights up when the camera starts up too. Looking at the back however, it’s not immediately obvious that there even is a camera, since there’s no lens in sight nest no lens cover.

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