Another cool thing about it is that it’s Black in color and not the Plain-Jane white we see so often. C – Placing the rear speaker at the edge of a wide table while front speaker next to the monitor. However, after bringing it home, man, did my impression change. Finally got to use the Digital card from my SBLive It’s fantastic for games and watching movies off your PC in a room.

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Cambridge Soundworks PCWorks FourPointSurround Manuals

The Desktop Theater 5. However, after bringing it home, man, did my impression change. Watch it live here by John Falcone. The position of the sub woofer was below my table just behind a wall. Solsman Dec 6, Speaker System System Components.

The FourPointSurround FPS Digital system delivers a carefully fine-tuned stereo sound system, usually produced by expensive home surround stereo systems.

The king of the budget sound bars The king of the budget sound bars by Ty Pendlebury. Watch it live here Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: In Need For Speed 3, the engines and screeching sound from the tires were easily heard and the direction of the sound was easily identifiable.

Alexa’s music-discovery flow will now be like a conversation, asking you questions and playing song samples to land on tunes you actually want to hear.


Cambridge SoundWorks FourPointSurround FPS1000

Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. They should have place the volume control on the remote volume control stick too. Overall, most would find that the sub woofer would be more than sufficient. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Nov 10, Aureal could probably gang up with Altec Lansing to give Creative a run for its money but for now I can certainly say that this is the best 3D Sound Solution currently available.

As for the Subwoofer, the FPS comes with a pretty big Subwoofer at 14″ driving at 25 watts compared to the others driving at only 8 – 10 watts.

Allowing the SBLive Liveware 2. It was exceptionally clear, crisp and sharp. They not only sounded good, they actually sound life like. Music by Joan E. Many fourpointaurround will face the problem of not being able to place the rear speakers closer than they want to.

Anyway, I quickly placed it on the floor for him and he immediately heard the difference. Unreal is probably one of the best soudnworks for testing out your speakers as it sports a lot of features.

Just follow these simple steps to unleash the full effect of your digital speakers: Skype and Alexa are now ready for your sweet talk The new skill rolls out this week, in time fourointsurround “Alexa, Skype Grandma” during the holidays.


Running the take off scene from Top Gun sounded superb. SBS 20 were never the type of speakers that games soundwors music enthusiasts wanted.

It’s fantastic for games and watching movies off your PC in cxmbridge room. I once saw a joker place the sub woofer of his ACS45 on the top shelf of his Sitoca computer table, he kept complaining of headaches.

One pair of inch speaker stands. You are now ready to experience 3D digital audio like never before. It is a real pain in the butt actually pain in the head as I kept fiurpointsurround my head on the table top to reach the control.

Cambridge SoundWorks PCWorks FourPointSurround Manuals

Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 8, The Digital DIN connector is the only connector with the 9-pin configuration. Thank God Sitoca builds solid table or his table would be shaking every time there is sound. This is pretty useful if your speakers are situated too far apart.

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