The port MySQL is using to listen for connections. ODBC Open Database Connectivity provides a way for client programs to access a wide range of databases or data sources. Mangle output parameter names for CallableStatements so they will not clash with user variable names. Advances the data reader to the next result, when reading the results of batch SQL statements. It might be a User data source , in which case only one user can see it. Lifted restriction of changing streaming parameters with server-side prepared statements. Make sure the DSN ‘myodbc3’ is configured first in odbc.

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In the Data Source Name box, enter the name of the data source you want to access. Remember that the more information you can supply to us, the more likely it is that we can fix the problem! This would be great if the source was a text file, but is unfortunate when the source is an ODBC connection that reports exact types for each column. I may move it again, this is in preparation of the conference.

You might want to edit the post to change the first oxbc, and avoid confusion, cause both the create statements look similar. Executes a single command against a MySQL database. Added enableStreamingResults to Statement for connection pool implementations that check Statement.


XADataSource interface is implemented via the com.

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Statement objects allow you to execute basic SQL queries and retrieve the results through the ResultSet class which is described later. You must use BDE 3. Any open connections are not automatically closed when an exception is thrown.

If the client application determines that the exception is fatal, it should close any open MySqlDataReader objects or MySqlConnection objects. You must then use a column alias with the value of the column set to the actual name of the Blob column in the SELECT that you write to retrieve the Blob.

The procedure for this differs for Windows and Unix. Check out the latest code from the branch that you want with the following command replacing [major] and [minor] with appropriate version numbers:. A message that describes the current exception.

Chapter Connectors

The driver queries MySQL at startup for the default character set. Gets a string containing the version of the MySQL server to which the client is connected. The dataset replaces the table used in the report and the report is displayed properly. Actually write manifest file to correct place so it ends up in the binary jar file.

To install the driver from a tarball distribution. To use Java’s ‘keytool’ to create a truststore in the current directoryand import the server’s CA certificate ‘cacert.

When using a MySqlDataReaderuse the. Bug Errors in parsing stored procedure parameters [fixed]. You will be able to browse your database and choose tables and fields using drag and drop to build your report.


MySQL closes connections after 8 hours of inactivity. Fill dt line will throw an Exception: The following simplistic example shows what code that can handle these exceptions might look like:. When specifying character encodings on the client side, Java-style names should be used. Specifies the IsolationLevel for this transaction. You should have a timestamp in all tables that you want to be able to compksite. Unless comoosite noted, properties can be set for a DataSource object or for a Connection object.

ODBC Connection Issues Using Bit Windows

The wizard will first prompt you for a data source. This is explained in the following sections. Prepared execution also can provide a reduction of network traffic because for each execution of the prepared statement, it is necessary only to send the data for the parameters.

If you’re linking a table and it doesn’t have an index that uniquely identifies each record, Microsoft Access displays a list of the fields in the linked table.

Begins a database transaction.

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