As a matter of fact, I don’t even know what an smf file is. You’ve mentioned wanting to do about five different things here. Glad I answered some of your question. Help FAQs Go to top. The SMF format was created as an industry standard, of sorts, so that people could share MIDI files regardless of what system they were using. Then you could just use that for your backing tracks and plug it into the CP’s internal speaker inputs if you wish for a nice combo. I’ve been using a USB cable to connect them.

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This means that the files can’t be shared between different platforms. The manual doesn’t mention any way to download files midi or smf’s.

Set local control off so the CP will not play from it’s own keys. The CP is a superb piano but Yamaha cut it off at the knees in terms of midi file playback mido and they didn’t bother with putting anything about how to load files into the internal memory in the owners manual to save the embarrassment of admitting the sequencer dp300 is so small. You’ve saved me a lot of time looking for answers I haven’t been able to find on the web. We use the term SMF around here a lot so I forgot some people might not know it simply means a standard midi file.

Help Newbie – How to Download MIDI files to CP | Harmony Central

As a matter of fact, I don’t even know what an smf file is. I did invest a little bit of time with it, but being new to this I was looking for someone who could answer my question pretty quickly like the Pro. You’ve mentioned wanting to do about five different things miidi.


In the end, it’ll be much easier just to decide what you want to do. Midii on that, you have two types IIRC. I’m not even sure how to use MIDI with it.

My Kurz can only read Type 0 with it’s current OS. You may need to install CPspecific software – consult the manual.

Midi Settings—basic Operation – Yamaha CP Owner’s Manual [Page 64]

You can program your sequences on that from your Mac and it comes with a Mac sound editor. You’re my only hope!

Thanks for any help. I’ll do some reading on it.

This in theory should give you two internal and two external voices when playing the CP’s own keys though you may be limited to an internal and external voice playing the same notes. I believe miidi upgrade allowed it to read Type 1s. That way you should get those two “zero volume” zones to transmit midi data without sounding the CP local voices assigned to those zones.

Help Newbie – How to Download MIDI files to CP300

Yamaha does make software for transferring SMF files to it’s internal memory – but here’s the kick in the teeth – it’s for Windows XP only. The CP manual is really confusing to newbies and it doesn’t say anything about what you can really do with the DP. I’ve managed to get four voices at once, but only two on each half of the split point My question is therefore, can I have the following configurations, and if so.


Since Midk can be pretty small you can put a dozen or more files in there but not enough for a gig.

I’ve been using a USB cable to connect them. In theory this should be doable and work, read the sections of the manual closely that pertain to editing functions and setting up zones. Have you installed the driver? Login or Sign Up. Help FAQs Go to top. Join the HC Newsletter.

But we’re here to correct those little oversights.

Yamaha CP300 Owner’s Manual: Midi Settings—basic Operation

I own one, I’ve done it, but the internal sequencer memory is only 1. If I could get four voices over the full range then I can make them work on different midi channels. It’s not in the manual. And yes, manuals can be confusing, but they typically have most or all of the answers if you’re willing to exercise a nidi patience and invest the necessary time.

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