Thanks Comment 38 Marwan Tanager You would need to read how similar laptop variants are handled already to get your laptop supported. Comment 32 Lan Tianyu Unfortunately, it doesn’t want to be adjusted. Click on tick mark on the left of your answer to let others know that it fixed your problem. So, whether the keyboard native keys is used or not, is irrelevant here at least on my system , and the only driver that seems to get it right is that of intel. Comment 36 Marwan Tanager

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How did you do it? Yes, it indeed seems like it’s most probably a firmware issue.

windows 7 – I can’t control my Dell’s brightness – Super User

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Comment 8 Lan Tianyu Increasing your laptop screen’s brightness will improve visibility in bright environments. With the patch at comment 32the backlight level changes, del, the computer freezes as before.

J.D. Hodges

It comments all SMI’s io port acces. Michael H 3 Sign up using Email and Password. Comment 23 Marwan Tanager Description Marwan Tanager Maybe this laptop has the same problem as my Acer Aspire Z.


You may have to choose Dell Inspiron brighfness your keyboard layout in the keyboard section of Administration. Comment 17 Marwan Bribhtness I am sorry I do not have access to another machine at this time to try to ssh onto mine.

Thanks for your efforts, but since we are dealing with a regression here, then why would we use such ad-hoc “fixes”, rather than fixing the issue that caused it in commits 84ec6f1eb9c4bfa1fff2fe9ab and 1fb9d6ada1dd70da97f21 in the first place, or just reverting them? Inspirkn the “Fn” key and press “F4” or “F5” to adjust brightness on some Dell laptops, such as their Alienware line of laptops. I haven’t had much experience working with that specific model, so I can’t recommend any Software that would dlel the issue that you are having, but unless the Fn key is disabled somehow, that should allow you to brighten the screen to a desired level.

How about not load dell-laptop and dcdbas driver?

How to Adjust Dell Laptop Screen Brightness

Yes, my guess, too, is that it’s the exact same problem. These solutions might help you: Have you installed the drivers for your system from the Dell website?


The only way delll can avoid the freeze is not to use ACPI video driver’s backlight interface. Feb 2 ’11 at 8: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

The first two guess are correct, the last one is not. There is no brightness level option in the Control Panel.

Dell Inspiron n Brightness Issue – Ask Ubuntu

Thanks Comment 38 Marwan Tanager Fn key is working normally with volume and other options. Comment 11 Lan Tianyu Post as a guest Name. I will report back as soon as I finish bisecting it’s going to be a long marathon!

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After looking at a few images through Google, I’m fairly certain that it should be F4 for dimming, F5 for brightening.

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