I tried to look in the bios for Hardware Virtualization, but I didn’t find any option related. The time now is When I tried to update drivers I was told the software is up to date. If you do not like this driver, then you can most definitely use something else. Have you made any changes to the computer prior to this issue? Hi, I tried to look in the bios for Hardware Virtualization, but I didn’t find any option related. I tried several version of bios from the initial A00 to the current A06 of my dell vostro

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To scan for hardware changes, follow these steps: I have run MINT, Lubuntu and some other Linux distros on worse hardware and it was more then fine for the purpose I have a Intel Core i7 desktop running Win10, but my personal laptop was an old Dell Inspiron with Pentium 4 3ghz up until a few months ago!

I haven’t used bit XP for a long, long time I have since seen the light and vostrp to Linuxbut the last time I did use it the gaming performance was quite good. Posted May 19, edited. Check to see if her CPU is indeed being throttled: February 3rd, 7.

Drivers all installed, so far no compability problems whatsoever. Posted June 2, This site in other languages x.


Sure enough, I’ve known the battery in that laptop has been shot for a long time ever since we were given it as a used machine for free about a year ago as it will only last a a very short time on battery. However, if I find out they are more common, I will make links to voatro drivers above.

I thought, what the hell Run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter and check. I’ve tried uninstalling and scanning for changes, that didnt work.

Hi Sully, I can understand your inconvenience towards this issue. Find the storage controller mode in the list. If you would like to use ATA, simply skip to step 7. I appreciate your efforts delll this query to Microsoft Forums. Posted April 23, So, if you screw up your system, neither I nor Dell will not be held liable in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

[SOLVED] Dell Vostro laptop seems to be locked at a low processor speed?

The issue with her is that the processor is NOT running at full speed, even under heavy load – instead, it is staying locked at mhz rather than bumping up to the factory max 1.

This is the very first howto I have ever written, so if anyone has comments, suggestions, or insults, isb not hesitate to contact me.

Tech Support vosteo dedicated to solving problems and helping others out. This vosfro the controllers recover the USB port from its unresponsive condition. Once it boots up into the graphical mode installation phase, just follow its instructions and you will not have a problem. Disabling it in the BIOS very oddly locks the processor at it’s lowest possible speed or so the BIOS saysso that is not a preferred option as that leaves me with the same problem Have you managed to get the function keys working yet by chance?


Mom only ever uses it plugged in on the same desk anyway, so none of us ever thought anything of it.

Vostro XP USB Root hub not recognized | NotebookReview

It could read the regular sd card just fine, yub not my 4gb sdhc card. February 3rd, 2. On the next screen, tell it to perform the integration. Posted May 21, Right click a device and click Uninstall. You do a good job February 4th, 8. Can anyone tell me what is work and how to fix it.

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