He records deeds of sheriffs, marshals, and treasurers or deeds made in pur- suance of a decree of court 37 ; sheriff’s deeds to unseated lands conveyed in partition proceedings Tentative appraisements returned to State Department of Revenue for invostigation, vd. Under the proprietary administration a totally different system was instituted. Discontinued, Returns of real estate taxes assessed by the city of Wilkes-Barre, showing year of assessment, date, name of owner, location of property, amount of tax and signature of receiver, Arr. Real Estate Sales Docket, , entry XIV s 7 am.

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Last entryIndex to Tax Lien Docket, shovdng name of ovnier, location of property, and p,vols,arr. Indexed alph, by first letter of surnai. There were serious strikes a! Next entry 46, p. The inventories produced by the Historical Records Survey attempt to do more than give merely a list of records – they attempt further to sketch in the historical background of the county or other unit of govern- ment, and to describe precisely and in detail the organization and functions of the government agencies whose records they list.

Account of fees earned, showing naiuas of payer a. Institutional and Non-Institutional Relie f Prior to and including the administration of indoor and outdoor poor relief in Luzerne County was the responsibility of three consolidated districts and numerous township and borough districts.

Record of places of burial in Luzerne County of veterans of all vreirs, shovrLng nano and loct-tion of conctery or burial plot, nai. Locality Index, Boroughs, 3 vols. Transcripts of certificates issued to manirCacturing companies, showing names of parties forming company, name, kind, and purpose of company, financial structure, number and value of shares, amount of stock, names of subscribers, location of company’s main office, names of oificers and date of pc812s also approval by Attorney General of Pennsylvania, giving date approved, name of Attorney General, and date recorded, Arr, chron.


L s This func- tion in Luzerne County is administered mostly by the State Department of Health, es- tablished inand the local city, borough, and township health officers or boards.

The commissioners may not be a party either directly or in- directly in such contracts l2.

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He also appointed, instead of the General Assembly, the register of wills and recorder of deeds, the prothono- tary and clerk of the courts, and the surveyor general who in turn designated the deputy surveyor of the county. The government then consisted of the three county com- missioners, the sheriff, the coroner, and one justice of the pc-8812s from each of the three districts, and the grand juiy. Bonds See also entries 71, The sealer of weights and measures, the county solicitor, and the county engineer arc navi appointed by the county commissioners as is the board for the assessment and revision of taxes.

Record of marriages, showing no.

Sheriffs and treasurers are not eligible to succeed themselves in office. The marketing of coal vras Ibid.

Continues Index to Marriage License, entry Le, Yen T OD. Real Estate Sales Docket,entry Inhowever, the Department of Internal Affairs of the Commonwealth was dsx power to prescribe uniform budget and annual report forms for counties 45General Provisions There are certain general provisions concerning county records.

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They were designated as justices of the peace with seven year terms and also px-812s as justices of the court of common pleas, court of quarter sessions, the orphans’ court and, afterthe court of oyer and terminer. Bonin, Prothonotary George R.


Those judges comprised the respective courts of common pleas, quarter sessions, orphans’, and oyer and terminer. The supreme court is the highest court of the state. Normal children may not be kept at the almshouse for longer than sixty days.

Record of liens filed by contractors against pripcrty, showing names of parties and costs, nature and amount of lien, stipulations of agreement, dpte of filing, and signature of witness. Bonds posted by county prison officials, shovj-ing nane of official, title lc-812s location of office, tu.

As an officer of the peace he may make arrests, and suppress riots and insurrections. Upon receipt from the tax collectors of taxes outstrnding on seated lands, the county corjnissioners must enter the return in a docket styled the”TGX Return Docket” 19The returns for each ward in each city, borough, and tovmship must be alphabetically indexed, with the nrjne of pc-812w ovmor, locality, the year the return was filed, and the page of the docket vj-here a lien is recorded in aiiotiicr cex styled the “Tax Lien Index” The rooms used for tho storage of prison records are the -vmrden’s office, the record store- room, the basement vault, and the fingerprint department.

Partition Docket,entry Probated wills aru recorded ddex and accounts of fiduciaries 35 ere filed by the register, who transmits the accounts to thu orphans’ court and notifies all parties

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