If necessary, enable autorecovery of the affected dar s at this time. Do not reinstall the fibre channel cable at this time. If the steps in this procedure are completed successfully up to this point, you obtain the following results: Barely any information on this out there, so I am putting it down here mostly for my own future reference, but if anyone wants it, here ya go disclaimer against anything bad and all. Find More Posts by TB0ne. I don’t know if VCS can support.

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All the device drivers for accessing hardware are also loaded in Dom0. I do know that I have had similar problems on a DS, DS, and a DS where the pathing was correct, however not enough paths were presented.

configure dm-multipath to IBM DS storage – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Do not proceed with the hot swap procedure until you complete this step and verify that autorecovery is disabled. When installing the Xen tools packages, it seems to me that there is a circular dependency no matter what order I install them in, so I have to force the first package to install without dependency verification and then install the rest in radc order:.

Add IBM andarrays: Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. What you’d advice to use, native OS multipath tools. Now you can run the command xm info to see some information from the Xen hypervisor. It can be a rdacc having to reboot the server, fail-back the luns, patch, reboot, fail-back, etc, especially for multiple hosts.


DS4800/RHEL5 multipathing trouble

To start it, run xend start as root. RedHat linux enterprise 5.

Hello I have an ds480 5. For the sake of this exercise, I modified the name associated to each disk in the guest from xvd x to hd x like this:.

My environment and yours might d4s800 different. If the commands can’t connect to the xend daemon, try to reboot the machine. Hopefully there is a fix to this otherwise, Hyper-V, here we come. Please enter a title. I am truly lucky to have found Sharon Garratt, a wonderful partner to share my passions for food, technology, photography and travel with.

How-to: Hot-Swap a HBA with RDAC Failover

For each dar that you identified in step 2, type the following command: If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If you do need to modify the zoning, failure to correctly do so will prevent the HBA from accessing the storage subsystem.

The output looks similar to the following example: The DS storage server has two controllers that have four FC ports on each. This Linux kernel change “scsi: The guest OS doesn’t need any special driver to have multipath access to the backend storage.


Before continuing, verify that these results have been obtained. If those two commands run successfully, then you can be assured that your Xen environment is configured properly. Each host port needs to be able to see each subsystem port no matter what. Feel free to drop me a line at tehknowledge[at]gmail[dot]com and I will try to help out.

The output looks similar to the following: Alright, let’s kick some tires and try some commands now! Anyway, spoke to RH support, and they recommend using the device-mapper packages, w hich I did.

Run “esxcfg-mpath -lv” on all of your hosts, and if you can’t find the issue then save the output from all of them to a file and upload it here. IBM provides interim maintenance packages that contain updates to one or more. Introduction and Implementation Guide. At this point, both guests are fully installed and configured to access their respective virtual disks with multipath through domain 0.

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