Label them in order: I bought a wifi card, but it only works in certain areas in my home. If you have Vista already, I say go for it. According to HP, they have already serviced my computer under the one time repair, therefore my computer no longer qualifies for this fix. I will never buy another HP product again.

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A reflow station is commonly used to repair the mainboard, however; a skilled electronics technician is required to do the repair effectively. So, to summarize, this computer is df9930us its third motherboard, and the board is busted again. Some reboots… like 1 in 5 resulted in display coming back on. So as Dv990us was coming I got a new laptop and I choose an HP Pavilion dvus not wanting to touch Toshiba again as I had friends who also had mother board problem with their Toshibas.

Why are they sending the drive to you for you to replace anyways? Looking for a recovery disk for HP? As this was bought in Italy, I cannot return it to the dealer. Am I correct in assuming that they have not dp fixed the problem with the hardware and are instead just installing new parts that are still defective?

Download Notebook HP (惠普) Pavilion dv9930us Windows XP drivers and software.

Although they substituted all components for free I never had a working PC for more than a few months. I knew exactly what was wrong with it and I thought I would be looking at a big repair bill until I found this site.


HP might want to beware, because I see lawsuits from lot of people about this problem. So far no problem, everything work fine. Lucky really because i was considering canceling it shortly! Would resetting to factory default setting wiping all data etc work? Sent out again for repair. You will get a refund minus the deductions, when my admin staff are back at work. If your recovery partition is corrupted or deleted, use an alternative recovery disk to fix boot errors.

Any tips before I do? Right now, I still wainting for their answer for my e-complaint.

Then found this blog. See A set of recovery discs has been created for this PC for more details. I got everything all set up vd9930us my wife was getting ready to get on the internet when the light when from Blue to Orange and my wireless driver disappered again.

Download Notebook HP (惠普) Pavilion dvus Windows XP drivers and software.

The ZIF is essentially a small ribbon cable. Oh, and, google search vv9930us class action suits against HP… thats a start to get what you paid for. Prior to this i was getting probs with the wireless.

Not the end of the world but MCE is a very annoying version of the OS, especially when you have absolutely no use for any of its features. F5 does not refresh a webpage. We ALL deserve a replacement or full refund. Concerend about re-intalling windows vista upgrade on my dv Wow, and I thought my V was the only lemon!


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I emailed him on 24th Dec and finally he replied on 28th Dec after a chasing email as follows: I would love to think that my problem is something else other than a dead LCD since it died the day i plugged in my new monitor.

Troubleshooting The disk creation process cancels If the creation process cancels, you may need to disable the UAC of your Windows Vista. Will be calling HP again when i find the time. When I press F11 a bunch of times in the beginning, it goes to a screen with HP Invent and a status bar…then a light blue screen that gives me hp PC recovery system. Be sure to get a order number from them, to be sure they actually submitted the repair service. Due to the cluttering of dust the cooling of the fan is getting worse over time and is making more noise every week.

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