Adding support for the 8 bit ADC in the stk chip is planned in the future. No such file or directory v4l2: Set default input int Now, when I add the easycap device, stk module is not loaded and I get this error. Another RPI would be nice: Newer Post Older Post Home. Sorry for my late reply!

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These changes didn’t hardly affect the limitations framedropping, stability of the driver.

How To Properly Install USB Easycap Device In Ubuntu

Although the driver is tested on Ubuntu, you do the installation at your own risk! Got to this page https: Syntek Semiconductor [ Syntek Semiconductor [ 4.

He changed the drivers name to “stk”. If your kernel-tree is older than 3. What system do you have? On a fresh installed system, or if atk1160 have installed the driver by yourself, you once!

Posted by Andrew Schalk at 6: Maybe you need to adjust the resolution to x I think this is the NTSC eascap of the stk driver in Zoneminders camera settings. However when i try to run the “make” command i get this: Set default input int Now, when I add the easycap device, stk module is not loaded and I get this error.


A work in progress on the audio support can be found at: Updated August 6 The stk driver in the kernel 3. This device is sold in different varieties models and even under different names like: More information on this wiki: Disable iptables on RedHat. Hi, I think there is no problem with the stk driver but with the output driver which is selected automatically by mplayer directfb.

We will have to download and install 3 or 6 more patches before we can build the kernel Module.

Marco January 4, at Hi Andrew, I am using ti-omap ubuntu kernel which was compiled with the easycap module disabled. He used the stk11xx driver and some existing patches for the “05e1: No such file or directory v4l2: It seems it cannot select a format or allocate memory to a buffer.

Stk based USB video and audio capture devices – LinuxTVWiki

The smi driver is depending on the saa module. If you’re using Windows, you must look for more information elsewhere on the web. It is the successor of the legacy easycap driver see below.


Hard for me to say whats going wrong here. I have a log of the kernel pasted http: I tried but when one is st1160 use the other one doesn’t work. The simplest way to modify anything here is to run:. Additionally you had to use their capture software piped through Mplayer to capture video unless you installed the slightly more finicky kernel patch. EM EM based devices are supported in Linux by the em28xx kernle module. This sound card is called ‘stkmixer’.

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