Partial [ 2 ] Hats, slider, pinky wheel, pinky switch, mode dial, mouse nub not working. Partial [ 4 ] Buttons 6, Pinky Button not working. Controllers such as the X-Arcade Tankstick that map to keyboard keys are supported only through keyboard maps at this time. You have to identify which keyboard key each controller element maps to see the documentation for your controller , then assign actions to those keys in the keyboard map. If two people decide to use the keyboard, then only 6 gamepads are needed to have a total of 8 players. If there is enough demand, I can write an input library for the platform to replace Unity’s flawed input system.

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Added functions to switch between to display and to hide mouse gestures. There is no way to reliably determine which controller is attached.

Unity exposes the devices as 2 joysticks through UnityEngine. Yes Android mode, Windows mode.

Elecom GP computer gamepad and joysticks specifications

Therefore, none of these devices are mapped so all can be mapped by the user using the Unknown Controller map. October 31, Massive Update! Yes All features supported. Partial [ 4 ] 4 wheel buttons, gear shifter not working. I will do this if there is enough demand.


Elecom computer gamepads and joysticks specifications, with pictures

Issues – Google Chrome Therefore, there is no way possible to determine what mode the controller is in and therefore no way to make separate profiles for the different modes. Linux Fallback [ 2 ]. Partial Back, Home not working. While Rewired provides maps for several platforms other than Windows, there is no official support of these platforms by Logitech, and therefore no force feedback SDK available. No direct support of the controller’s special features is available at this time.

Partial [ 2 ] Lever down buttons not working.

Driver Required Yes – Google Chrome For a good input experience, Unity’s input system must be replaced with a native input library. Partial Mode B only, select not working.

Elecom computer gamepads and joysticks specifications.

Partial Mode B only, L2, R2 not working. More gamepads are mapped to the Standard Gamepad layout and added in browser updates. Yes [ 19 ]. Partial D-pad, all center buttons not working. Partial [ 2 ] Many elements not working.

Elecom GP-20 – Computer gamepad specifications.

If you do not provide users with a way to map their controls, only the elefom listed recognized controllers will be usable. October 18, Blast Zone!


In addition to the devices shown in the table above, Rewired has an option to attempt to support all unknown gamepads. For the lightguns to work properly in Rewired, you must set the light gun mode to “Joystick” in the Arcade Guns Pro Utility. At this time, most controllers on WebGL are only supported via manual user mapping of controls at runtime through the use of a system like Control Mapper.

If you missed our first update, check it out. In this case, please ask the PC administrator for help.

Yes [ 20 ]. Only one of these joystick entries actually represents the joystick, but Rewired will see it as 4 separate joysticks. Partial [ 4 ] Switch 3 down, Switches not working. Hi everyone, We are still looking for music and digging through http: See this page for more information.

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