The Makita was streets better than the others. The only minor gripe I have is that it only has a small charger so takes 4 hours to charge – maybe I should invest in a fast charger. Mark Contact options for registered users. This is outdated old technology now. You should get together, he’s got the drill but no battery. Offers on sets of tools often very good if they’re the ones you need.

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They will almost all have been made in China.

Erbauer v ah Lithium Power Drill Battery – Erbchr | eBay

Quality, price and flexibility. The Makita was streets better than the others.

After that I decided I was never going to buy any other brand: You always end up with a crappy tool, just to avoid the possibility that you might miss out on Feature X in 10 years time. Dave Plowman snipped-for-privacy davenoise.

On Mon, 21 Feb Sadly my dad insisted on giving me his “budget” quality cordless drill that he never used so now I can’t go and buy something heavyweight without being labelled a spendthrift. Andy Hall snipped-for-privacy hall. The 14v monster hasn’t been out of it’s case since! I’m buying new ones direct from Ryobi hoping they’ll be better. The mid range offering a v good.



I learnt that these tools are way overpriced a long time ago after being bitten a few times. Very powerful, reliable, not worn out yet the torque is dangerously high, so care needs to be taken if using a large hole saw My Bosch electric hedge trimmer admittedly V broke some teeth in the mechanical part of the drive just outside the warranty period, as did my Bosch Jigsaw that was a blue one, apparently a non DIY one.

I keep meaning to try and make one good battery out of the two duff ones.

Lobster Contact options for registered users. Simple enough concept, simply double the voltage of the tool battery with either car batteries or welding plant etc. John Stumbles Contact options for registered users. I couldn’t find anything that impressed me. After another year second battery dying. Ryobi are absolutely outstanding. Can anyone recommend a replacement?

Erbauer 14.4v 2.6ah Lithium Power Drill Battery – Erb424chr

Andy Hall Contact options for registered users. The name and number had worn off so the club put it in an obscure corner of the field when it came out of the water.

Still on the original batteries despite a lot of use, so they must be decent ones – a sign of quality on any cordless tool. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective crill. Jim Alexander Contact options for registered users. One or both of the others needed a tool to reposition the shield but the Kress was tool-free; the Kress came with variable speed, detachable cable and a curved side handle like mm grinders.



German with Japanese etbauer packs. The steel deck of my expensive Hayter lawn mower rotted away the local agent said it was because I’d used it to cut grass that wasn’t dry!

Could be the same as buying an expensive battery drill. The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy.

Erbauer 14.4v Battery

Register new account I forgot my password. Offers on sets of tools often very good if they’re the ones you need. Just noticed that dancrane has started a similar thread – spooky!

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