Thanks for your continued assistance. This one is for the unpatched Fedora Core 8 rpm – xorg-xdrv-ati The monitor with the bleached out look stays on. In case of a connected monitor, the value is 0xe Comment 36 Geoff N Turns out our customer may be using a KVM style connection for our blades, so the problem may well be moot.

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Comment 9 Geoff N I’ve attached the xorg.

In order to get a reasonable picture, I have to change the DAC2 output standard bits 9: Best regards, Adalbert Comment 17 Alex Deucher I’m guessing there isn’t a way to detect when a monitor has been connected and hook that into xrandr –auto?

Comment ew1000 Alex Deucher My process for applying the patch was as follows. At this point, we almost have a working system.

Comment 11 Alex Deucher Contrast settings es10000 no effect and greyed out sections are essentially unreadable. Comment 32 Geoff N It’s not the way we want to proceed anyway. Comment 37 Alex Deucher If you want you can just hack the driver to always detect the monitors as connected.


Comment 4 Geoff N Comment 38 Alex Deucher Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem with the washed out.

Old ES driver for Windows | Community

Thanks again for your help. So I tried modifying xorg. Would be nice though to force the same behaviour as the primary DAC in the absence of a connected monitor via this xorg. I was able to fix the problem on the 2nd monitor by doing the following using the hacked radeontool: After applying the change to xorg. Comment 24 Geoff N Radeontool registers after applying patch 2.

I havn’t yet downloaded the driver to search for the piece of code which is changing the register. If you need more information, please let me know.

Output of ‘git log’ after ‘git clone git: Setting to PS2 let the image become normal. Comment 29 Geoff N Sorry, I meant comment It is only Fedora Core 8 latest rpm that is showing the fault as described in initial Bug report. Output VGA-1 using initial mode x The driver is not able to detect a monitor attached to the second output so it does not turn the output on.


Starting the machine without the graphical environment, the result is 0xe I was able to get the primary monitor back after setting the radeon registers as per the working Fedora Core 5 settings. Comment 28 Geoff N

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