Saw you step out from Room , smile on your face, and a teardrop in your eye Knew you’d been sticking needles in your arm, you always said that it didn’t do no harm. Where many people had lost hope, and the enemy reigned with cruelty and evil. We were the country that had everything, we were the country, Rule Britannia we would sing We were the country, and we could never lose, once a nation, and now we’re run by Jews. It’s a time when our old people cannot walk the streets alone Fought for this nation is this all they get back? Between Skrewdriver put out fifteen studio albums comprising over songs. I worry, ’cause I don’t wanna die. Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red.

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This land where once the people were proud and free, now they cowered in fear and servility. No more speed, I’m almost there Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care Life’s gotta a buzz now, here I go And the line of cars goes down real slow. After battle, at victory’s call We’ll stand and drink to our enemies fall Grind their bones into the sand Make sure their evil never rises again. I feel a peace as I walk the leafy lanes Look out over them hills, boy it looks like rain See the distant mountains, with the storm clouds high above This is my land, my country, the place I love.

You’ll have nowhere, nowhere, nowhere left to hide Better leave here quickly, ‘for the people start to rise Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere left to hide You can stop the low waves ebbing, but not the raging tide.

Sent a tape, got our contract, made us all so glad Then you started messing ’round with us, now life’s just bad. Here is a foreign policy doctrine that sees the UK as interventionist in nationalist struggles in Europe.

Once we were proud men, and now we’re down on our knees We have let them take over, and now they do as they please What’s it gonna take, to light that spark of pride And if our courage does not waken, we’ll be taken for a ride. Fear no evil, whilst he is at hand He’s been the guardian since time began Protector of the people and the pride With him at our head now we shall ride to victory.

Where has justice gone, where does it hide? Once a land that knew no fear, a people proud and free No dark infringed upon their lands, a bright light in dark seas A warrior ruled his people, he kept them safe from dread And by strength and honour now, a crown skrewddriver his head. The sword that came from the lady of the lake – excalibur! Looking back to times gone by, when man fought for his land Now with his pride they put him down, and try to tie his hands Our ancestors, they lost their lives, to make our lurics good Now it’s our turn to stand and spurn the poison running through our blood.


Once upon a time, long ago, or maybe not so, in a land that progress had attempted to destroy. Are students’ unions ever going to be Responsible people, and work for the free? This little piggy has a wooden stick, taps it on his hand Hit you on the head if you speak your mind, well don’t he think he’s grand?

Skrewdriver – Excalibur lyrics

Emphatic support and flair is reserved for that 19 th Century romantic and positivist nationalism which discredited ezcalibur so forcefully during the World Wars, first by creating the conditions for the first, and secondly for excesses of the second. White rider, white rider, your strength is your pride White rider, white rider, you’ll stand, never hide Lyrjcs rider, white rider, your flag is your voice You scorn the conscripted, you’re fighting through choice Your flags are unfolded, salute them with love To fight for your race is a gift from above Some fools will oppose you, true men will stay loyal But the victory shall be ours for the blood and the soil You excapibur love for your people, disdain for the fools The enemy’s led by the zionist’s tools You fight for your race which shall be proud and free And the only reward that you crave is victory WHERE HAS JUSTICE GONE?

Arrested by the remnants, of a communist regime Corruption in high places, is still around it seems And six young men are rotting, in a dungeon that’s still Red One day the truth will break on through, and the chains will all be shed.

Damp pavements, street lights, she was born to stand and fight No favours nor charity, she was never part of a minority Inner-city baby, brought up tough, look around here now, it looks rough Nerves of steel get her through her day, she must survive in this concrete maze It’s night and on the corner the dealer stands, one more disease in a once-great land She ignores him and passes by, her ambition is not to die Turns a corner and she’s in gangland, it’s all eyes, teeth, and white headbands She keeps her distance ‘cos she knows their game, rapes their hobby but she ain’t playing.

Freedom for one man, but not for the next Orwellian nightmare, do we detect?

Skrewdriver – Excalibur Lyrics

Haven’t you realised yet that my friends and here in the House of Treason on the banks of the old river, are just treacherous vermin who one day will destroy you all. Now we’ll have a go at the TV and the papers And all the media Zionists that like to keep us quiet Trying to bleed our country, they’re the leeches of the nation We won’t give up quickly, we’re going to stand and fight.

Got feelings, inside Deep feelings, they won’t die This feeling, makes me feel fine, so fine. The petrol bombs are flying, the people lock their doors We’ve got to make a choice now, in the middle of a war The enemy is taking over out on the streets And we are not united, and so we face defeat – chorus Retaliate, will be our only hope Retaliate, can we ever cope Retaliate, face them on the streets Retaliate, fight against defeat – As a young man lies dying, the mob begins to cheer Older people tremble, they have never known such fear The enemy’s taking over out on the streets And we are not unite, and so we face defeat – Mr.


Come on Britain awake now! We’re being followed ’round by policemen, they must have nothing better to do And out there there’s muggers robbing the old, but they’d rather follow me and you They don’t wanna damage relations between our country and its unwanted guests They’re just looking after minorities, and they don’t give a toss for the rest, no they don’t, but Times are changing, everywhere Our flags are raising, the time is near Our lives are just a struggle, that we’re fighting everyday I know it can’t be easy, it’s a time of change It’s a time of change – Stood against us are the scum They are worried, because their time will come One that called himself a revolutionary, turned out to be gay Just a mummy’s little rich boy, it’s a time of change It’s a time of change – They call themselves political soldiers, but they have a massive yellow streak A soldier has strength, but they are bent, limp wristed and weak Pathetic little mummy’s boys, there was nothing they wanted for But come the day when they have to pay, we’ll see who they are working for – The other enemy, he held aloft a cross And in his church that day, he prayed to be the boss But all he wanted was money, and all he wanted was praise Now he’s gone and the bands play on, it’s a time of change It’s a time of change.

It derived from the time of legends Came Merlin to put claim upon the King Took him far away from Tintagel And gave to him the knowledge of many things. Yeah I’m out on the road, there’s no closed doors I’ve got my own code yeah, I don’t need yours And if you’re willing to be told corrupt and two-faced lies Your pathetic weakness leaves me cold, I would rather die.

Excalibur – Auri Sacra Fames – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Your police and niggers, that’s right, get out of my way I don’t need to buy none of your gold chains today I don’t need thick bracelets, clamped around my chest Just wanna live my own life now, just to do my best. Skrewdriver soon released their LP Invasion on the newly-signed West German label Rock-o-Rama Records, which would stay faithful to the band until the tragic end. People don’t you understand? It has been operating in the murky underground of musical intolerance for the past 25 years, and remains a force even now, over a decade after its lead singer was killed in an automobile crash.

Returning home from the battlefields Take your seat in the hall of kings Celebrating recent victories Look to wars the future yet may bring.

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