The relative merits of each shop could be debated for a long time without a clear conclusion, just bear in mind shops in Hong Kong and other Asian countries may cause you to have to pay import taxes, may take a while shipping and be expensive at that and returns may be difficult, many have and do use such places without any trouble though. Flash 2 Advance Ultra – F2A ultra flash cards. Or, maybe you just want to use “NDStation” to convert gba roms into. Your name or email address: That is likely because you did not install the drivers with Administrator rights. No offense, but the question isn’t conveyed very well.

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If you use your cart often it should stay charged on its own. While retaining al the exeptional features of the EZ-Flash 2 cart this new ez-flassh uses 1.

The light on your linker should go red and stay that way until the burn is done. Directly support hardware save, so you don’t need to waiting for the new games patch again. ze-flash

By Codelyy Started Monday at It WILL back up your game. Feb 23, Louisiana.

Most powersta will load by selecting them with A, but if for some reason they crash or give you problems, power down your Gameboy and try powerwtar this time with the B button, this will reset the GBA before loading your selection. EZClient should now show the flashcart size. Get yourself some GBA ROM images to burn Nintendo DS rom users you shall be gotten around to, once again DS commercial roms running and general usage should help you out although this section covers the basics you should want to know anyway.


Choose the 2nd manual install.

EZ-Flash USA Forum

Powerstar Flash Mb Hide similar threads. There are literalry thousands of free games and demos that you can play with any one of the flash linker sets. No firmware replacements are available, but I think you are referring to a “loader” replacement.

Cheating section of the wiki. Does Rudolph’s tool detect it as a EZF-2? Further info on cheating can be found in the appropriate Category: The only problem with the EZ2 for software is that it does not support Pogoshell, which may not even be a problem, given powerstzr calibre of the official software. Make your own romz. The poweerstar of the cart should be just about level with the top of the linker.

Yes see the Translations.

EZ Flash | ROM

Important Information By using GameDev. You’ll have ez-flas figure this out for yourself, sorry. Depending on the size of your cart and the amount of data you are putting on it, it is probably going to be a while.


Software will upadate automaticly if you are connected to the internet. Golden Finger enables cheats, which you have to select from the EZClient program, on the cart: You may want to try backing up your own carts, a search engine and powerstad clever search strings, IRC or the newsgroups or some public domain roms.

If you do this and you find out your screwed do not complain to us. Personal tools Log in.

The First and only card to date that uses the 1. Week Month Year All Powerrstar. Play Video and Audio. No offense, but the question isn’t conveyed very well.

If that failed give the cart a little wiggle while it is still in the linker. Similar threads with keywords: However, these problems are nothing to be worried about, and the excellent software and hardware make up for them.

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