Our diverse community from all over the globe welcomes contributors of all types. You can install entire groups of related software with just a couple clicks, and PackageKit helps you keep your system secure and up to date through its subtle but effective alert system. Using Theora video and Vorbis audio formats, Firefox 3. We have an early schedule for an April release, with many new features slated. A new initial ramdisk setup tool called Dracut helps keep boot time as low as possible. With expanded support for mobile broadband, easy Bluetooth phone tethering, and integrated password management, NetworkManager makes surfing and communicating just a click away.

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But one of the biggest changes for developers is that most of the nice new features of Fedora 12, from Bluetooth to webcams, are implemented through underlying libraries, and many of the improvements will be included simply by relinking your application. By taking advantage of the latest improvements in webcam and video support embedded in Fedora 12, Empathy lets you experience the next generation of IM. Polished Desktop – The latest version of the GNOME desktop includes the lighter Gnote replacement for Tomboy as the default note application, and Empathy replaces Pidgin as the default instant messenger.

Fedora 12 one page release notes

With expanded support for mobile broadband, easy Bluetooth phone tethering, and integrated password management, NetworkManager makes surfing and communicating just a vieeo away. This will give you a working version of Fedora, complete with common applications, all running off your CD drive – your hard drive won’t be touched at all.


That’s right – you can stand right up and dance your heart out or go get a cup of coffee without losing a beat! Bluetooth headset support in action. Perl 6 is now included, along with PHP 5.

Better than ever tablet support allows you to enjoy pressure-sensitive drawing out-of-the-box – no mucking with configuration files required! Fedora 12 also features constant security updates for bulletproof systems, and a number of virtualization improvements have fedoea12 with this release that use memory more efficiently, provide more flexible hardware and network solutions, and boost the performance of virtual guest disk images.

Also available in this release are SystemTap 1. You can download a LiveCD regardless of what operating system you’re running. Red Hat is not responsible for content.

What’s New in Fedora 12? The technologies that make open source the platform of choice for savvy system administrators are all here.

Another new plugin allows installation of software packages from a web browser. Fedora 12 helps you unite all the videi cultures of your virtual guests into a single functional system. This is a community maintained site. Fedora’s also got great support for many of the devices you use every day. You can even create scripts to perform complex tasks directly on guest disk images. Bluetooth on-demand – Viddeo services are automatically started when needed and stopped 30 cideo after last device use, reducing initial startup time and resource use when Bluetooth is not in active use.


Enhancements to NetworkManager make both system-wide connections and mobile broadband connections easier than ever. Red Hat’s Hans de Goede, developer of the libv4l library, has more details on his continuous upstream webcam support enhancements at http: Fedora Project is proud to ffedora12 communities of free culture and open content as part of our mission. For comments or queries, please contact us.

Multi-Pointer X – The update to X. Thanks to the Fedora infrastructure team for their excellent work in setting up the infrastructure to generate delta RPMs on the fly for all the updates.

Fedora 12 Announcement – Fedora Project Wiki

Collaboration between the Moblin project and Fedora was accelerated since Moblin itself is largely based on Fedora. Here are a few of the new things you can expect to see when you try out Fedora This is a community maintained site. Now, the plugin is installed by default. Retrieved from ” https: Fedora 12 Constantine is filled with improvements that make Linux better than ever for all types of users. You know you can’t wait. Refer to our handy documentation for help.

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