It seemed snappier in IDE. Also is there any benefit in enabling this. Sign In Sign Up. I couldnt seem to get AHCI mode working, the Bios wouldnt seem to recognise my Sata hard discs when enabled and posted ‘Boot Mngr Missing’ No big problem though as everything else is fine. I shall now sit tight and wait for mid next year when I can get a good deal on an Intel I5 or AMD six core to upgrade again.

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Already have an account? B4 i go and update my bios Maybe I took your recommendation in selecting this mobo.

I have two Sata Hard drives, should this be enabled? Posted September 9, Thanks in advance wiggy. I believe you can only change it when you do a fresh install, as when I tried, it would not boot.

Tue Apr 15, 8: Like others mentioned it boots much faster now! Posted July 28, Wed Apr 16, 4: A couple months ago I wrote to Gigabyte support about BIOS version F6a beta and asked if this version would gaa-ep35-ds3l be completed after 8 months development.


I will leave it be as it works fine right now. They responded with no comment basically, but now it is released.


New Releases and Updates. Tue Apr 15, 6: Run Sandra and see. Didn’t notice a difference in performance.

Your not going to see Night and Day if you change it. For the past year and half I’ve been running my Q at 3.

Just an update, Ram is installed and Windows 7 is reinstalled, everythings running fine and i’m pleased with the performance. Posted July 18, Jan 25, Posts: I have a few questions to ask which I will be posting on the various different sections in the forum, but first of all to the Bios settings.

Ga-ep35-dds3l can’t fill those up Being a newbie to installing a Windows XP on a Sata2 drive, I stumbled upon getting agci partially some how.

Further discussion on this topic is already being discussed here: My F6a shows 1. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook.


Gigabyte GA-EPDS3L BIOS F6 Update Available – New Releases and Updates – InsanelyMac Forum

F6 – Bios Ga-ep35-dds3l I didn’t update yet but i noticed that i already have AHCI 1. All in all I am very happy with what ive got out of a relatively cheap, budget system with the help of this forum along the way so Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to my posts. Jul 6, Posts: It also reflects it in System Profiler: Posted July 27, Posted July 17, This forum fills a large gap which, ga-p35-ds3l, the official Gigabyte Technical support fail to.

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