The point is not in how it’s designed. For the performance and features you need to play the latest games and enjoy home-theater quality video, make sure your PC is equipped with a GeForce GPU. Wow, a cooler without a fan! No additional cooling for the video cards. Besides, all G73 processors are pin-compatible with the NV43 series. It will last seconds and then the demo should start 3DMark05 1.

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Its operation principle is simple: We do not publish the results of the GeForce GT running at higher frequencies for the following reasons: Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: And the official MSI web site makes no mentions of it. Several years ago MSI used black boxes.

Yep, you can still find some unusual solutions among Middle-End and budget cards. The card is packed in a separate box.

The tests were carried out with maximum quality, option -dxlevel 90, presets for video card types are removed from dxsupport. No additional cooling for the video cards. Besides, all G73 processors are pin-compatible with the NV43 series. But the heatsink is reinforced with a heat pipe, which contributes to channeling the heat from the copper plate that touches the core to the heatsink.


Besides, the GPU can be overclocked higher with such a cooler. Maybe the situation will take a different turn.

But you jump at them as a wolf. It’s a pity there are no windows in the boxes to show off the card, though the cards are covered by plastic lids. Installation and Drivers Testbed configuration: Users would buy these cards as X PRO, as now we are just dying to buy the same card as So we can just read about it, gasp with surprise, and forget about it.

Its 2D quality is also all right. But the fact remains – MXM hasn’t taken root yet in notebooks and these modules are not available on sale.


Now about the cooling systems. Using the CineFX 4. GeForce 7 Series Product Overview. Too bad that all those interesting unusual innovations Ggeforce enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

MSI Launch NXGT 3D Graphic Series – Graphics – Press Release –

You can find more detailed comparisons of various video cards in our 3Digest. Because this video card is not available in stores. It is strikingly useless, but its approach is attractive. Having learnt to their own cost, they will give up overclocking eVGA has to call back hundred thousand cards for the last months, which slow down or just fail because of their initial overclocking.


VGA Bios Collection: MSI NXGT MB | TechPowerUp

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Thus, it’s the first video card in the world that allows to upgrade a graphics core. We mostly deal with overclocking only It will be up to the price now what card is better – this one or the X XTX.

One product is just unique. The video card itself is essentially a holder for MXM modules with a power supply unit.

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