Display should also show 1. When valid Master port baud rate is entered, PC should display next parameter. Press SW1 as required to bring up SF on display. Same displays as Slave key-on delay apply to Master key-on delay. If Series DC code address for the selected Slave is to be entered or changed, continue with step

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The HELP command can be consulted at any time during the configuration process. Both power supply circuits accept 9. Table lists pinouts. These sockets are also marked U4, U5, U6 and U7. The program does not allow the geenisys to skip over a given parameter; all parameters in a given set must be run through.

GENISYS SERIES 2000 – Ansaldo STS | Product Support

If series DC code control stop is to be entered or changed, continue with step In the strobe mode, the isolators are set high only during the 0. See Figure for the card enclosure back panel layout.

This circuit is absent form the PCB not required.


Goes dark when a good message is received. Continue with step 13 when the complete address is developed. Programming may be performed by the following means: When either option is selected, the display should return to LD. Batesburg, SC 4. Repeat steps 8 and 9 to select the Slave protocll key-off delay.

Program bits and address bits. Pressing toggle switch SW1 advances the display through all possible values in a continuous loop. If S2 Slave port key-off delay is to be entered or changed, continue with step Alpha-numeric display should go dark. Boards are inserted horizontally in two slots with two internal backplane connectors each. If Series DC code address for the selected Slave is to be entered or changed, continue with step Consult detailed application circuit diagrams for variations and additional details in these circuits.

Otherwise, go to step??. Last from Executive program standard default values where Application program values user or pprotocol are not specified.

PC should show the DOS prompt.

Press SW2 when desired DC code control stop is selected. When PC genisyys clears, enter required phone number. When these bits are not in agreement, output bits are not accepted for delivery to external circuits.


If desired rate is passed over, continue pressing SW1 to recycle display. If the above checks are OK, make certain problems in related circuits and equipment are not causing apparent problems with the Bit Input or Output boards. Reference Figure for LED displays.

This arrangement is designed to simplify Enhanced Controller installation by reducing prktocol need to re-program Application PROMs when unexpected changes to the site application are encountered. Note that several of these LEDs specifically indicate message errors.

Wireshark ยท Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] New dissector: packet-genisys.c

Proticol these bits are not in agreement, input data is not released. Determined by second digits Etc. To avoid strain on the cable connection, each cable should be connected to the cardfile mounting bar or an external mounting bar.

Power Supply PCB

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