The lcd screen is easily nicer than any laptop I’ve had. It has museum value, in other words. If you are just posting pictures or videos with no further write-up, please use the ‘Gallery’ tag. The connection software that comes with it, polls the USB and recognizes the device. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

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The “data” over GPIB is only the measured sweeps. Tip A useful or insightful technical note on component selection, circuit design or testing etc. Submit a new text post.

I can’t tell you anything specific about your machine, you need to get up programming manual for it because every machine has a unique set of commands it responds to. Submit a new link. News An electronic engineering-related news article or announcement. In all likelyhood there is a better way, but, there it is If you use it as intended, you’ll be in great shape, but if you do something weird and sideways, like write your own DLL and try to shove all the logic in there, and just make calls into it occasionally, it’s going to bite you in the ass.

That’s an extremely new interface. I could spend all 4145z talking about TS from constructing custom steps to running tests and building custom process models but feel free to pm 4415a for my email so i can answer specifics.


It uses a combination of both 3-byte and 4-byte floats to store data.

hpa GPIB through LabView write but no read

It’s a huge industry, you’ve heard of labview haven’t you? I did some research over the summer using one of these. Semiconducter Parameter Analyzer not spectrum Notes: Only slightly less screwed on reading the disk and data on it. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hp4145 Analyzer

If in doubt, contact the mods before posting. I have never worked with the machines that you guys are talking about, and I never will, but as someone who works in a lab with some ancient equipment I can say with authority that posts like this are what makes the internet a little better every day.

These things are built to last. It’s hard to tell the exact era from the picture but it looks like lagview in the GPIB era.

Thought I broke it. If you are just posting pictures or videos with no further write-up, please use the ‘Gallery’ tag. Maybe since this was a later model they finally wised up? And then there’s the filesystem issues. Sometimes you can “infer” things like floats but usually that’s dangerous to do. It’s unsupportable and not designed for anything by manual lab bench use that dumps measured data to a printer primarily.


Do not post about something just because it contains ‘electronics’. It’s my dream to design test equipment.

It has museum value, in other words. There more code but the jist of it is Kabview a String variable, using DO to obtain the measurement data from the channel in question, Enter that data onto the string variable I must have been looking at a different software page then.

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Instrument Driver Search – National Instruments

It has it’s ups and downs. You’re pretty much screwed on reading the FDD. It seems so simple until you find out all the little problems with extracting the data a normal way.

See my other comment; just use Agilent Intuilink it’s free.

The auto scheduler feature of Teststand looks awesome since writing a test scheduler is a project coming up soon for labbiew and I see it doesn’t care what programming language you use.

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