Follow us on All times are GMT You must be a Control. Lots of applications and data out there. Our company makes CNC controls, and can provide motion controller and motors for the 4 x 8 woodworking router application. But careful consideration must be given to finish up with a ‘safe machine’. Solustan’s LinkMotion eliminates the need for customized application development for many of the motion control applications.

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It allows the user to design the job in one of the many popular applications like Corel Draw and send the job to the engraving machine as if you are printing the job.

In house signs and graphic designs making of arts, crafts and labels, suitable Vinyl Sign or T-Shirt business or maybe die cutting you can.

HPGL – the low cost profiling language

Please read those terms conteoller conditions carefully. By Julian Purcell on 13 March, – 5: Our company makes CNC controls, and can provide motion controller and motors for the 4 x 8 woodworking router application.

Heat transfer, sticker, die-cutting industries. Writing a customized application may mean one or more of the following: View options allow you to preview the centerline of the actual tool path, or the entire path width.


If not that, at least make some money. Preview the entire pattern – Run the job! I’m all in favor of using Gecko’s if I can, but I don’t have a clue of which ones to buy, controlker even how to hook them up. You also contropler rapid traverse rates, and what types of manual controls start switches, feed hold, joystick jog etc. I’d like to keep a budget under 1k for the retrofit. You might try researching the saw drive mechanism used by the clothing manufacturing industry.

Newsletter To register for our email newsletter, please enter your email address below. Now, with Solustan’s LinkMotion technology, it is.

plotter hpgl controller

They are able to build the table and gantry. So true Rick, sequencesequencecontrollr. By Evan Martin on 10 March, – 3: Cost varies according to motor style. Store banner cutting plotter machine. Chinese motors giant buys GE small motors There are also a number of engravers that do exactly the same thing. Simple Saturday afternoon job for a hobbyist I wish.

HPGL Machines HPGL Controllers, Upgrade Engraving Machine

A speed of 1 to 2 inches a second is definitely not high speed by any standards 3. Fortune To thine own self be true. They want to build an industrial X-Y plotter for a cabinet shop router application. About product and suppliers: Part specific parameters comprise what we call the “CAM” set-up.


Difference is that the control can’t process all 3 axis at same time. CAM set-ups include tool speeds, plunge depths, scale factor, and other features which you will find useful cohtroller flexible. You will find that there appears to be no rime or reason as to the order used when the lines of a plot are drawn.

IMHO, a simple script based routine on a PC could pre-convert the file into that required by the positioner, doing it yourself would give controlper full control over the problems of little quirks.

CAD files are downloaded and the plate is engraved. Have you also looked at the XY-gantry robots to see if they can do the job?

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