Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Trying to access F: But the drive was still not usable and no drive letter was assigned. On the left side is a folder called Disk Management under the Storage folder. I must be doing something wrong here to attempt to get the unit working.

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IBM Travelstar 8e PCMCIA With Replacement 27.9 GB Hard Drive

For some reason this object was missing. Just curious to ask. Here are some certain issues that I have found when using the external unit: Code 10 ” symptoms: Trying to access F: Windows will ask again the next time you plug in your device or log on.

If the primary IDE port is enabled most casesthe secondary IDE port is also enabled and cannot be disabled separately. Since it is no longer a current product, no further testing is being done or drivers written.

IBM Travelstar 8E and Windows Vista – Windows Vista – MSFN

On the left side is a folder called Disk Management under the Storage folder. This results in a conflict and no drive letter or icon is assigned to the Travelstar E external drive.


Sorry for the information being unreadable, but for some reason, I uploaded these screenshots via Twitpic and it wouldn’t let me view the original size of the image.

I have tried to provide as much information as possible, but is there a way to correct this issue? Is there any updates to the files listed in the Drivers tab as far as I know? So for me getting 8 Gigabytes of disk space for that price helps extend the life of my Toshiba laptop for at least a few more years makes the few quirks listed above something I can learn to live with.

The Travelstar 8E is listed as drive E. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything in regards to the Travelstar 8E when used on Windows Vista and up. That makes it impossible ibbm boot from this drive.

If you have your disc that came with your device, travelstsr it now. Only drives C and D are recognised.

I tried to enable and disable the offending drive and it was no use. Posted January 24, edited.

If so, how would I do it? Click on the volumes tab then select “populate” then note down what Disk number the populate assigned it.

IBM Travelstar 8E – hard drive – 8 GB – PC Card

For a moment, Windows Vista was attempting to search a driver for the Travelstar 8E hard drive, but it couldn’t find anything. Microsoft did not provide drivers for the Travelstar 8E when in use under Windows Vista and higher. I find that it’s just way too much work to get the Travelstar 8E device to work correctly under Windows Vista. The cord is short only about 8 inches not including the connectorsbut unless you are putting your notebook trvelstar a desk, you may find the external hard drive keeps hanging down.


Instructions are as follows:. Some motherboards have both a primary and a secondary IDE port. When using the Event Viewer to troubleshoot errors, Events 6 and 8 are detected referencing to the Virtual Disk Service.

VOICE Newsletter 8/ – The IBM Travelstar 8E PCMCIA drive

If I can’t find a way to do it, I may have to give up. I travelsta had socket services working on this laptop under eCS 1. When I click on the non-functioning device, I get this in the Device Status:. When I click on the non-functioning device, I get this in the Device Status: When that was done, I had to reinstall the device.

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