Overview of the SDD 7. To add multipath support to a SAN boot device: Enter the cfgmgr command to reconfigure all devices back to the available state. Change the zoning configuration or cable connections to ensure that there is only single-path connection from the system to the storage device. To place one of the adapters offline, you need to issue one single command, for example, datapath set adapter 0 offline. Other mismatches will be reported. This includes paths that are opened or in failed state.

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Multipath support for hosts running the Linux operating system

If you select Yes, the process stops at this point and previews what you are removing. Log on as the administrator user.

SDD requires a minimum of two independent paths that share the same logical unit to use the load balancing and path-failover-protection features. The complete the following steps to install SDD: Verifying the adapter firmware level: The volume number within the LSS.

Configuring the AIX operating system: Storwize V

Deivce, configure a minimum of four paths for each LUN with two host adapter ports and two storage controller ports where each host adapter subsydtem has redundancy to each storage controller port and vice versa. Creating new logical volumes About this task Use the following process to create a new logical volume to use SDD: There are cases where the storage device may reboot both of the controllers and become inaccessible for a period of time.


Upgrading the SDD on page 99 Table 5. A path that is failed due to timeout policy can later be recovered by the AIX health check commands. Syntax pcmpath open device device number path path number Chapter 2.

Multipath support for hosts running the Linux operating system: Storwize V

The output shows that after the swap from site one to site two, SDD selects paths of devices on site two. The port is offline, meaning that all paths attached to this port are offline. Select cdrfs as the type of file system and press Enter.

Syntax pcmpath query adapter adapter number aa ap Parameters adapter number The index number of the adapter for which you want information displayed. Table 3 on page 59 provides an alphabetical list of these commands, a brief description, and where to go in this chapter for more information.

If you issue the pcmpath set device M path N offline command to a DS or a DS device and the path to be set offline is the last active path, it causes the device to fail over to the alternate controller. In the following example, the output shows that an additional HBA is installed: The larger the configuration, the more system resources are required.

If you do not have any other logical volume devices, you can use a minor number of 0x In this example, assume that you have no other logical volume devices. Re-creating the logical volume Enter the following command to re-create the logical volume: Follow f7000 adapter-specific configuration instructions to configure the adapters attached to your Windows ServerWindows Serveror Windows Server host systems. Earlier models featured external battery-backed power supplies.


The PV timeout value is recommended by the storage vendor. Use the smitty MPIO management submenu. An Install window opens, informing you about the progress of the IBMsdd software installation.

Download code from the website that is appropriate for your system 2. Beginning with SDDvp2hd is not invoked at the system shutdown. Determine the size of the logical volume.

Active The number of functional paths that are attached to this target port. Executing install setup Percent Complete: Select Software Maintenance and Utilities and press Enter. No hardcopy book is produced for this publication. Reconnect all cables that connect the host bus adapters and the supported storage devices if needed. Nodes are rack -mounted appliances derived from IBM System x servers, protected by redundant power supplies and integrated batteries.

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