This function is very convenient when you need to connect two networks between two buildings. Other features of this router including: Specify the remote destination IP address that will be affected by this rule. IP Filtering Table Continuous — The connection will be kept always on.

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Adapterr Type – There are 3 options: There are two ways to assign IP addresses to computers: N Data Rate 6: They both run on top of the IP Internet Protocola network layer protocol. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Any software described in this manual is sold or licensed “as is”.

ICIDU Green Wireless Nano Router N |

Only one LAN client can use a particular special application at a wireess. If you have no idea on how to define an IP address plan for your network, here are some suggestions. Please check all LEDs on the front panel. This router has a built-in DoS attack prevention mechanism; when you activate it, the router will stop the DoS attack for you.


Only one rule should be selected a time!

If the firmware you uploaded is corrupt, the firmware upgrade will fail, and you may have to return this router to the dealer of purchase to ask for help. If you did a firmware upgrade and this happens, contact your dealer of purchase for help.

Please follow the following instructions to set NAT parameters: Please input the port number of your Radius authentication server here.

ICIDU Wireless Lite-N Client Adapter driver free download for windows – ACER – Aspire M

Select the band you want to use, all the wireless routers must use the same setting. This is the radio frequency used to transmit and receive the wireless signal.

Internet is slow sometimes, being patient. Input the port number of the IP address which provides Internet service.

Network Adapters – ICIDU – ICIDU Wireless Lite-N Client Adapter Computer Driver Updates

IP stands for Internet Protocol. Here are instructions about how to connect two wireless routers together: This page shows the four major setting categories: Switch the electrical power off before you do anything, or contact an experienced technician for help.


Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. You can define the port number this router should expect an incoming request.

A DSL modem uses your existing phone lines to transmit data at high speeds.

Connect this router with up to four other wireless routers, to expand the scope of network. IP address assigned by your Service Provider 1: Enable URL Blocking wireleess Select the field to start the configuration.

You can set the limit of total upload bandwidth in kbits. Up to 20 MAC addresses can be assigned by using this function. Enabling this setting will reduce the chance of radio signal collisions between All existing QoS rules will be displayed here. MAC address 1 to 4 4 – 7:

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