For sample programs that use this naming convention, see Downlink Sample Applications on page The monitor set and monitor points can then be closed, followed by the network itself. This problem will only manifest itself if LNS 3 is installed on the computer. To enable the Connection Broker service permanently, select Automatic from the Startup Type pull-down list. The Profile to be used for each session is determined on a session-by-session basis. Enter the name of the RNI. Instead, you ll be prompted to enter the listener port that the new RNI on the device should use.

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Customization of the default xdriver is required if you plan to use an external database management system. User s Manual The software described in this manual is furnished under a license agreement and may be used More information. When you have entered a name, click Next. No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means – graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information.

A downlink session is an xdriver connection that is initiated by an LNS application. However, it is not required for downlink sessions. This field represents the next authentication key to be used by the RNI. When you have entered the IP address or hostname, click Finish.

This will provide the proxy with the information it requires to route the connection properly. This document contains important information about the OpenLDV driver.


OpenLDV Programmer’s Guide, xdriver Supplement – PDF

Start display at page:. If you enable this feature, xdriver will attempt to reconnect any uplink or downlink session that is broken as xdriverr result of some unexpected connection failure. You can then import the.

Readers of this guide. Click Click Here for Support Information. All xdrivef are the property of their respective owners. For more information on authentication, see Authentication Key Handling on page The Connection Broker service creates an entry for the network that has requested the uplink session in the System.

As a result of this, it is critical that you program alarm applications that send monitor point update events for your RNIs to the LNS server to resend each monitor point update event persistently to the LNS server until receipt of those events is confirmed.

January Contents Introduction Then, click OK to add the reference to your project.

Welcome, Audience – Echelon OpenLDV User Manual

The xdriver lookup interface includes another method, SetNextAuthenticationKey. No Add the network to the network collection Yes Open xsriver in Local or serverindependant mode?

The company that writes an application that uses the OpenLDV driver is iloj to provide technical support for their product.

Doing so will initiate an incremental change to the authentication key configured into the RNI, so that it will end up with the key specified as the Next Xdriber Key as its authentication key. Click Use Hostname and enter the device s hostname to resolve the device s IP address from its hostname. This lists the RNI definitions that have been created for each device. Downlink Sessions An xdriver session is considered a downlink session if the connection is initiated by an LNS application.


If authentication succeeds, the following steps occur. This will cause xdriver to send the proxy a null packet with the header and trailer bytes specified here when the connection is established. Consult the online help for descriptions of the fields on the Network Interface Properties dialog. The authentication key must be entered as a character hexadecimal string representing a bit MD5 key.

Parts manufactured by vendors other than Echelon and referenced in this xxdriver have been described for illustrative purposes only, and may not have been tested by Echelon.

OpenLDV Network Driver ReadMe |

This opens the License Agreement window. Enter the name of the RNI. Click Export to save the Profile as a. From the Build menu, select Build LookupSample. As shown in Figure 1.

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