Comment 3 Chris Wilson I will install Ubuntu Or just try to install the latest Mesa update? Comment 19 Tybion Comment 22 Milan Bouchet-Valat Comment 30 Milan Bouchet-Valat

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Comment 2 Tybion How do I identify and load the driver?

I submitted this report, because I wanted to get the problem addressed kntel, though, rather than just hoping that it will work in the next Ubuntu version. If your question has been answered, please mark your thread as [Resolved]use the flair drop-down on your submission to do so!

You can see the tags corresponding to versions here: You can file a bug to the X. Sorry, I have been out of action for over a month, but am now back.


Other info about this bug. If this is a stock Debian kernel there should be a i module. The info is only interesting if you’re absolutely sure you’re right.


I have a game supertuxkart that says I need to update my video drivers and it uses opengl 3. Can someone please give me further instructions?

However, even the “good” path is worrisome: To update graphics lunux, just update your system normally, with your distro’s package manager. We can only get up to x resolution although oinux supports up to x Output of glxinfo more: First, I had already tried to add the “HorizSync a. In particular, have you run this? It seems to be related to a problem with the intel graphics driver: Org X Server 1. Whatever fits the task best Posts: Changed in xserver-xorg-video-intel Ubuntu: I have cloned the git tree onto my system successfully – with.

– [regression] Xorg loads ‘vesa’ driver for Intel G/GZ Video Controller

Anything i could try? Comment 33 Tybion Comment 8 Ghislain Bugnicourt Behavior like this is usually caused by using the vesa driver instead. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Enter this in a terminal: Launchpad couldn’t import bug from freedesktop.


That is weird, Jessie should have the i drivers installed by default. I got it working by: From the description this sounds like it is going to be inttel [kernel] ACPI bug Comment 16 Tybion Attachments Log file for default boot up and no xorg.

As the message says, you need to configure the kernel. Drivers will be included.

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