My name is Kitty and it’s my pleasure to help you with your problem. I have never transacted with them so I have absolutely no basis to say anything. Since there’s a day window for the Commission to make a determination, you may want to snap up that Eee PC sooner rather than later – just in case. Clearly, the original goal of million users by the end of looks unattainable. From the Register Hardware site comes an interesting theory that Asus had originally planned to release the Eee PC with a standard notebook hard drive. We will determine if forecast is true by Dec

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Your suggestions and feedback are most appreciated and allow us to serve you better. If the Eee PC’s battery life is cut in half, functionality will decrease significantly.

Meshbooks: December

An Asus Eee PC. No source was given.

I’ve been working on this one all weekend and using a few diffrent methods the best i have been able to achieve is x I have tried with the following methods: For your question, I am sorry to iegx you that it will void the warrany [sic] to upgrade RAM in Philippines at present. AL, Sep 28, No source was quoted.


My conclusion by day 2 of ownership was that i could live long and prosper with the 2G Surf as is The fact that there are no lazertagss dangling wires or protruding dongles make this mod elegant.

Asus dropped hard disk from Eee PC at eleventh hour? Not sure if the shortage will be world-wide or just limited to the Philippines though.

The next shipment will arrive on Dec. In summary, the prediction is that Intel will abandon the Classmate PC to focus on newer Diamondville-powered models.

Hacked VGA Driver 4 eeePC Allows resolution x / x (Without Scrolling)

For non-German speaking users, you may want to check out the gallery of wallpapers available at lazertage site. That is, indeed, quite a staggering number for what a product that is supposedly a niche item.

Posted by xujiren at 1: However the Eee seems to mark a reversal of the trend. Well, if that is their corporate policy, certainly they are entitled to it.

I was able to get my custom res mode selected ‘x’ but with a degree of overscan. A compact and high dpi resolution optical mouse that is the perfect portable companion for convenient input.

The memory in this unit if you upgrade it, will not void the warranty. Sep 6, Messages: Changing Eee PC’s Wallpaper.


eeePC inverse video scaling

This hack work in x but you will have the same problem with aspect ratio. In comparison, total brand business revenue for is projected to hit USD7. Sincerely sorry for bringing you any trouble and inconvenience! Other manufacturers are more than likely to follow. If so, it should be enough reason for most buyers to hold off buying the current model and wait for the new model instead.

For those interested in just what kind of competition is in store for the Eee PC over in Japan you can check out Dynamism’s website. Monday, December 31, Epson’s Peanuts laptop. We forecast a Price “increase” after Dec A list of Network Connections will appear. Lastly, copy the altered. From the Internet tab, select the Network icon and click it:

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