If you want to use other sensors, such as the Ultrasonic or Light sensor, in addition to the Gyro sensor that is essential for balancing, you can do that. Ik zou graag een segway maken om het principe van een PID regelaar mee uit te leggen in klas. Would anybody have the code in vi format or even some sort of pseudo code so that I can try and rewrite it? Why is in the calibrate block aswell as in the gyroreadblock not the gyrosensor but the touchsensor at input 2? Update July 28,

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May you have good day: If the robot starts not quite jxt, it will drive steadily in one direction, or perhaps even accelerate in that direction and then fall. That was how I developed and debugged it until it worked. So that the software already finds the main rbt-program wihh all subroutine blocks from earlier opened program in the same directory.

It should be back and fully operational soon. In order to get a good gobot offset, the robot will need to be copletely still. Hello, I built up your Segway and used the software and it works realiable. Ik neem aan dat hier de instructie voor een kwart slag draaien ook wordt verwerkt. In this code fragment you can see that every time through the balance loop, four pieces of data are obtained: Thank you for sharing.


HTWay – A Segway type robot « HiTechnic Blog

I think I need to find new balancing constants by trial and error to make it balance again. If you know, proceed to the building instructions below.

When these two values are rrobot by their respective constants in the balance equation, they will cancel each other out. Thank you for your help. Mail will not be published required. I have a question: It works well on my phone and mindstorma version of the segway. Hi Laurens, Your Segway works beautifully. Anyway with a HiTechnic Gyro Sensor: Ik zou graag een segway maken om het principe van een PID regelaar mee uit te leggen in klas.

Can you just make a How-To video? Wrap and then connect the B and C wires to the two motors as shown below, then jindstorms attach the color sensor as shown, which should be connected to the port 3 wire. Integration is simply the act of adding an infinite series of values over time. Laurens, Bedankt voor je duidelijke antwoord. Delete the Calibrate Block.


Just follow the directions as described on that page. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Tutorial: Building an NXT Segway

October 4, at Was a little stumped by the touch senor block but read why you had done it this way so I think I understand.

Mindsttorms you help me?

Any help troubleshooting what might be going wrong? The robot will now need to get an initial gyro offset. The robot will not stand because when I am starting the program it just makes the motors go backwards instead of balancing Take note: It has been a while since I played with this one, but try to slowly change the variables. The reason i build up your segway is to elgo a feeling for a segway because i have to build a cheap version for some workshops.

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