Use the latest firmware and drivers from their web site. I was told of poor performance on MP chipset with this controller. Thursday, May 15, 9: Phones by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 5, You have been fast in your response.

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Cooling is many fans distributed through the case. I am using I will have room for one more drive in the SCA enclosures. Here is my last response from LSI Logic.

I found LSI Logic tech support to be excellent. What are the sustained transfer rates of each drive? Thu May 15, 3: My rounded cables and fans come from www.

I also play games. With any luck my RAID configuration is still intact and I will megarraid able to bring the drives back online.

I moved both chassis to next to the 3320-2 out in the open instead of underneath. Thursday, May 15, Thank you for the information.


Tyan Thunder K7 is using 2. The U boot Win2K Pro fast. Sun May 18, 9: I will post the results.

I have five devices in the second chassis. I do many things to pay for the upgrades. I figured that last night about 3: Max Storage Devices Qty. What firmware version are you megraaid I am trying to tweak the best performance for my files and games. Wants me to give them model number, part number, firmware to see if it is a megzraid issue.

Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. I want to get rid of some of the case fans but still maintain cooling.

First installation with LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-2

I ran three back to back runs of ATTO to get the results. Maybe I need to change the stripe size to 32KB or higher like some suggested.

Everyone believes the problem is too large a current draw 12V with the dual Athlon MPs. That will be done on how well the workstation performs in gaming and other applications. This will degrade your performance unless you are meharaid incredibly small file sizes. P4PE 2x mb pc corsair – p4 2.


First installation with LSI Logic MegaRAID – Ars Technica OpenForum

Write – and Read I am expecting better write and read performance from the U I’ve googled myself to death, but have found very little. They want me to use the largest stripe size possible for my files.

Just a suggestion, why not get one of those 2 bay ext enclosures for the tape drives and go with a smaller case?

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