I can spend pages explaining how it works, getting very technical, but most people aren’t interested in this It’s the whole point of why there is a GTL setting in the first place. By combining the two, you can go like a Duracell Bunny: This setting influences the overall memory access latency. In theory, enabling this setting can increase memory bandwidth.

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Otherwise you have blue screens, or the system wont boot! You measured a voltage drop and are compensating for it or: The settings below also apply to Intel’s X38 and X48 chipsets, and in some form even date back several generations.

Generally speaking, DDR2 starts to get pretty hot at 2. In narrow points of this graph voltage drop due to increased impedance with increased VTT can motherboagd a significant effect on stability.

Interestingly enough, I found that 1. I messed with it for hours now, setting the NB Voltage 1.

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Well it’s interesting that GPC shows identical values on auto and that your bios behaves as mine. Changes in all mothsrboard other mothsrboard will require an adjustment in GTLREF voltage, and since no automatic adjustment is made, we can conclude that setting can be disregarded.

This is a bit difficult, but that is why they gave us the ability to adjust each lane. I hope there are. Refrain from having to solve most of your problems by not creating motherboarrd in the first place. Keep going until the cores start failing again and record the value at which they fail. We take a quick first look at the new Asus Pbased Republic of Gamer motherboard: Allows you to individually tweak the voltage levels for each memory bank not to be confused with each memory slot.


What is GTLREF and what has it go to do with me? Part 1 – EVGA Forums

But you’d be surprised what you can do with 1. And for the ones that do, Asus cautions not to expect any miracles. Allows you to introduce a delay to the individual RAM slots to address timing issues. This being said, take it with motherboarx grain of salt, as only MSI could really say what is truly what.

See above note in red. Most people who posted here aren’t even active anymore. I can spend pages explaining how it works, getting very technical, but most people aren’t interested in this View More Photo Galleries.

ASUS Maximus Formula SE: X38 and DDR2 Unite!

After reading some articles again, I answered part of my own question. Essentially it sets where the noise margin is for a particular signal. The ihtel that gives me headaches are the values that I can set in my bios. Do your research and consult your memory kit’s specs before manually adjusting the voltage. So I increased the VTT beginning from the lowest value to make it to the desktop.

I am not sure of the differences between those two settings because I have no experience with the board. It’s possible that, despite what I read in the published Intel articles that with a dual core, lane 2 in the BIOS could still be for the address bus of core By adjusting the skew you can realign these clock signals and suddenly stability should return again — a good board will have less nitel in its signal generation and finer skew adjustments than one that’s not as good.


Controls the voltage for your board’s Northbridge minus 1, geek points if you couldn’t guess this one. Because even with the best quality control, the two dual cores on a quad processor won’t be identical, and when you overclock, those differences get magnified to the point where you need to manually modify the GTL stuff.

Always proceed with caution when increasing voltages in your BIOS. Please open your own. Increasing this can help with overclocking, however it also can result in instability, higher temps, and damage motherboar your CPU. Overclocking has been progressively getting more difficult since infel X chipset was introduced, but it wasn’t until more recently with P and P35 that more advanced options have been released by Intel as the antiquated front side bus runs out of steam.

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