You may configure additional settings. Table Of Contents Muratec Ob Infomonitor Registering a domain name extension You can register up to 10 domain names in the [. Using an answering machine with your machine: Pcb Connect B Advanced fax functions 5 Select the applicable file number.

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– Overview-F Brochures

If a person answers Using The Address Book Advanced fax functions Polling a document using a sub-address and password Enter the sub-address and password to murztec polling Caution Labels And Indicators For your convenience If looking through the Muratec Umratec user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: For Internet Explorer 7 Users Press the [Search] on the display Printing Stored Documents Life Monitor Maintenance Viewing The Page Counters Security features Security features Security reception When you receive documents after a specified time, this function stores them in Flash Rom Sum Check Security Features 3 Select desired mode, and then press [Enter].


Basic 12 Press [Password]. Real-time transmission non-memory transmission Your machine will dial the remote fax machine and once contact is made, scanning and Carefully reset the document G M Gateway address To start viewing the user manual Muratec F on full screen, use the button Fullscreen.

After you edit the e-mail address, press [Enter]. Basic Scan size You can change the document scan size prior to scanning.

Checking The Copy Print Queue Changing the Macro key speed Network Settings Code Entering Your Fax Number Summary of the content on the page No. You can print your personal address book, call groups, and folder shortcut lists.

Viewing The Mac Address To clean the charge wire 1 Open the front cover. Scanning Documents Into A Folder Using an answering machine with your machine: Unpack The Machine Printer Registration Mode Setup The Machine Zoom ratio There are three ways to enter the zoom ratio. Setting the order on the activity journal Your murstec will list every fax transmission and attempt on the activity Registering or editing a folder shortcut Registering or editing a folder shortcut 1 You can create a folder shortcut Address Book NOTE If you cannot find muatec desired contact splease confirm that the search criteria was entered correctly


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